what piercing should i get next? cant decide.. lol.?

yea, so im getting my first paycheck from my first job in a few days, and ill be getting about $100-170. so i figured i would use some to pay for a piercing and the rest would go to my savings account. but i cant decide between a few that i want. they are either: -two horizontal microdermals in between my cleavage. -microdermals underneath my collar bones. -septum or -two microdermals on my throat, just like u kno that part of ur throat rite at the bottom where it kinda indents, rite near your voice box? one on each side of that. but i cant decide, oh and if it matters, just so you can kinda picture my facial structure and how it would look with my other piercings, i have kinda a square face short-medium length hair, slightly deviated septum, and my two facial piercings are i have both sides of my nose pierced. and my tongue, but its not that visual lol. so yea, thanks for your help! <3 oh and if you have any other ideas of slightly unusual piercings i shood get, shout em out! lol haha ok so just to get this straight i already have my ear [anti helix, 7 lobes, conch, helix], tongue, both sides of my nose, and bellybutton done. and i love them all! i didnt get them done to be different, and i never ever set out to be different. i do these things to be ME. and when i get my piercings and tattoos, they make me happy. and if some of you people cant handle that simple fact then go ahead and tell me ur bullsh** but dont expect me to believe it unless you have a REALLY good point.

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  1. TRILL Says:


  2. SpLp Says:

    umm septum piercing sounds the most normal and least painful

  3. Ok Andrew Says:


    a monroe is nice if u don’t have one

  4. Catastrophic__KiddX Says:

    Get your septum
    The other ones sound disgusting.

  5. Sidney Vicious Says:

    get one on your clit! ill do you for it! …i meen ill do it for you!

  6. Mr D Says:

    YOur reproductive opening

  7. willa:) Says:

    I think you should get a septum. That will look cool :)

  8. ms.attitude101 Says:

    U should get two horizontal microdermals in between ur cleavage. It will look so cool.

  9. col381 Says:

    Aside from a simple ear or belly piercing – most guys find anything like the the extreme stuff you suggest above, deeply disturbing and downright unattractive.

    What we do to our bodies is a reflection of the mind within. Your need to decorate/mutilate yourself for the sake of being different is, what some might call a cry for help.

  10. T Says:

    get your clitoris pierced.

  11. Corey Says:

    Do you have a picture of yourself? That would help… Different piercings look better on different people.

  12. The Return of the Loose Cannon Says:

    cleavage and nipples should be next

  13. Vinny isn't skinny Says:

    Microdermals in the cleavage!

  14. this isn't my real name Says:

    i think a septum piercing is cool, i kinda want one too..another piercing that i’ve seen that looks awesome is the ones on your cheeks, it makes it look like you have dimples. its really cool you should check it out.. hmm other than that maybe eyebrow piercing or bridge piercing is pretty hot too..idk just throwing some out there…=] happy piercing

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