Hip Piercings and Microdermals. I need SERIOUS advice and answers.?

I'm really looking into getting my hips pierced. I love the look and have no battle with whether or not the process will be painful. But I am worried about them surfacing. I've heard so many different sides to it that frankly, I don't know whether or not to get them anymore. Is it true that if i get the correct bar, I'm healthy, clean them, dont irritate them, and keep them from any trauma while healing, that they will stay in? Also, if the do reject, will the pain be extreme or not so bad? I'm looking for a long-term piercing, to stay in for several years, so this is where my thoughts on a microdermal come in. The process really looks quite painful. Is it really that bad? And when having them surgically removed, about how much would it cost and would the scarring be bad? The only reason I ask this is because I would possibly be having children in the future and wouldn't want the microdermals to interfere, if they would, while I would be pregnant. I would much rather prefer the hip piercing, and really, my only fear is the rejection and the pain it brings. Would it be a waste of my money?

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  1. Isabella Rayne Says:

    I don’t have any experience with microdermals, though I’ve heard they can be very painful. Your best bet with a traditional surface piercing would to get a surface bar with flat tops (so they don’t knock and catch like balls would). The location is very sensitive (for myself, anyway). They’re generally next to your hip bones (in towards your belly button). Pain comes with all piercings, and I’ve heard dermals and more painful than surface piercings. All piercings have a risk of rejection, and surface piercings do have a higher rate than most. But if you take care of it properly, it should last.

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