I need help with my frontal helix.?

I got my frontal helix left side pierced on June fifth, and all through and most of July it was fine, minimal pain and swelling, to be expected when getting your cartilage pierced. But about halfway through July I found I had a knob on the front hole of the piercing, and about two weekss later the back hole was swelling pretty badly. The back lump was squishy (ew), and extremely painful. It was there for about two days, during which I found there was a lot of crust on it, but not the normal kind you find on healing piercings. It was usually flaky, and would sit on top of the front knob and back lump. When they came off, it was painful. Two days after I found the back lump, I scratched it, and felt like I had scratched off a scab. When I looked at my finger, I found blood and puss on it. After awhile, the back lump drained of all the blood and puss, and there was no more back lump. About a week later, another one came in which was more painful then the first. I called my piercer Erin, and she thought that it might be a boil, and to do hot compresses. After the first hot compress my ear felt much better, was reduced in size, and hurt much less. But also after the first hot compress, my ear doesn't react to them anymore. No pain relief, no help with swelling, nothing. But, my ear wasn't getting worse, so I didn't do anything about it. But then, a couple nights ago, something happened to it. I have no idea what happened, but there was a whole tone of crust on the ring, so I was trying to take some off. I went to fix my ring because it was crooked, (I have an OCD about those kinds of things) and I felt an extreme pain and heard something that almost sounded like a crack (Somewhat about a week ago.). I had an extreme pain at teh bottom of the front knob, and really bad swelling. At first I had thought I had cracked my cartalige, but I felt there was not enough pain for it to be so I put a compress on it and swabbed it with H2Ocean. It didn't help much, the swellling is gone, but the pain is still there. Now, to last night. Once again, itching my ear, the flakey crust that sits on top of the lumps came off on both of them, and now i've been in excruciating pain since, and there has been a ton of swelling. When I touch it, I squeal in pain and yes, I actually have a pretty high pain tolerence. The swelling and pain have been there for almost 24 hours now. My question to anyone experienced with piercings is, what the hell is wrong with my piercing. I think it might be a mixture of an allergic reaction and an infection, but i'm not sure. So anyone who knows anything, please help me :). Also, i'm very sorry for the longness, and possibly random seqeunce of events, and grossness, but any help would be appreciated SO much. And yes, I know i'll probably have to take it out, so don't leave a just post saying "take it out". Thank you everyone :)

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  1. steinhardtf Says:

    I would say that you definitely have an infection and I would have been to my GP for antibiotics for this problem and yes you should take that earring out. How do you expect to let your ear heal if you have the cause of this infection still in the ear.

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