Nose piercing bleeding after 4 days?

I got my nose pierced four days ago, and my last cleaning, which happened to be about 10 minutes ago, I noticed a little blood on the q-tip I was cleaning with. I used H2Ocean about 3 times a day, with a q-tip. Now my question was could it be new blood, or just dry blood that I didn't clean off before. My piercing is a little sore, not to the touch (and I don't touch it unless I'm cleaning it) but when I yawn or make certain faces (LOL!). Also I haven't noticed any unusual secretions indicating an infection, and it's not hot to the touch.... So I guess I'm asking if the bleeding is normal? I haven't noticed blatant bleeding... Thanks!

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  1. sannet Says:

    It could be old blood or it could be that you’re over cleaning it or messing with it (touching it) between cleanings. Just watch for any more blood the nexy time you clean it & make sure you’re not drying it out.

  2. Rena Says:

    The same thing happened to me when i got mine done, i just didnt get all the blood from when i got it pierced. but if you was sleeping and accidently hit it and it started bleeding a little that could also be the case.

  3. Mesuekie Misa Says:

    not normal

  4. teenage.crime. Says:

    it’s most probably fine, it could be old dry blood.
    try not to be vigorous when you clean, but i’m sure you’re not. be reeeeally gentle.
    as long as it’s not a huge amount, it should be fine.
    if you’re really worried or it bleeds again, go back to your piercer, they’ll know exactly what’s going on.
    it’s good that it’s not inflamed or anything, you should be fine.

  5. Jessika Says:

    You should only be cleaning It 2 times a day over cleaning can do more harm then good. Now it’s normal for it to still b bleeding . After a week or two maybe its time to worry but then that your just fine!

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