what is the most least painful piercing apart from ears?

i've got my ears done but want something else doing. what facial piercing is the least painful? oh, so i have no brain for wanting a piercing? god, get a fxcking life.

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  1. Shelby ? Says:

    facial peircings are icky.

  2. insert popsicle Says:

    eyebrow ones. they hardly hurt at all.

  3. Philip Says:

    Try piercing your brain. It doesn’t sound like there is a lot of activity going on there so it should be painless.

  4. Falken Says:

    I rate its eyebrows

  5. Bam Bam! Says:

    God people are stuuupid.
    My nose didnt hurt when i got that pierced. Even tho it should :| which confused me
    Lip doesnt hurt or eyebrow.
    If your scared, ask them to numb it
    or take a painkiller before you get it done.

  6. xdontstoptherockx Says:

    don’t listen to people on here, it’s not worth getting upset over. :)

    as for your question, getting my nose pierced didn’t hurt at all really, a slight pinch and it was over. my tongue on the other hand, hurt a little bit more although the pain wasn’t all that bad.. it was just the few days after that sucked. i’ve heard that the eyebrow is the least painful. just remember everyone is different, just because it hurts on someone else doesn’t mean it will hurt to you. i would just suggest getting something that you really like, the pain doesn’t last forever.

  7. Money on my mind (3) Says:

    Lip. I got mine done and I didn’t feel anything whatsoever. It only hurt when I had to change it. The next one that was less painful to that, would be nose. It’s a pinch, although it still does hurt.

    Tongue is the most painful thing I went through to be honest.

  8. Chelsey Says:

    i barely felt my eyebrow
    it really didnt hurt at all, nor did it after.
    nose was pretty painless aswell, lip too thinking about it. but lip was more painful then the eyebrow. if you are going for a more suttle piercing i’d say get your nose done, ask them to numb it if you are worried.

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