Newly pierced lip, indenting?

I just got my lip pierced Saturday at a local studio. It was a clean facility and everything was opened just for the procedure, all new. (I have had many piercings done there and had no problems.) This is my first oral piercing, and I'm a little concerned. I opted for a stud rather than a ring, and I've noticed the flat side of the stud making an indent in the inside of my lip. Is this normal? There has been minor swelling, but not much worse than a normal piercing. Also, how long until I can change the ring/stud? The piercer didn't really give me a clear answer.

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  1. lea Says:

    its fine, as long as the stud is not too short and squeezing the skin.

    i changed my ring after 2 weeks, as soon as it stopped hurting. really, you should wait 6-8 weeks, but as long as you take care of yourself, i think you are fine.

  2. nikki cole Says:

    The indenting is normal and even after you take them out, you will still have it. If it bothers you I would opt for a longer stem so it isn’t so much pressure on your lip. I would wait about 2 weeks minimum before changing the piercing. Don’t make changing it a frequent thing, so decide on something you’ll be comfortable with for a while.

  3. renae w Says:

    Id wait like 4 months
    you shouldnt have gotten a stud they dont allow for swelling and thats why you have an indent. but as long as you are using mouthwash and brushing your teeth right after you put something in your mouth you should be fine

  4. BrittneyK Says:

    I got my lip pierced 2 weeks ago. I have a stud also. They pierced mine with a stud that is longer than normal and allows for swelling, but I still have an indent… It is normal. If yours is tight I highly suggest you go back to your piercer and show them.

    They told me to come back in a month and have them change it to a normal length stud, and after 2 months I will be able to change it myself. If you take your piercing out for more than 15 minutes the hole will close and you will have to get it completely re pierced.

    Good luck! Hope I helped

  5. Linsey Says:

    my lip is pierced 5 times all of them had indentions in them. you can change your lip in 4 to 5 weeks.

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