My cartilage piercing is really swollen + painful?

I got my cartilage pierced almost 3 or 4 weeks ago, and I just sprayed it with H2ocean spray twice a day, and it seemed to have been healing up fine. I was actually surprised at how fast it healed. Within like 2 weeks it wasn't swelling or pussing or giving me any "crusties" anymore, so I just kind of forgot to spray it anymore... I haven't sprayed it in about five days, but it was completely fine until tonight. Now its really swollen and painful to touch, and it almost feels hot when I'm not touching it, like I can feel heat radiating off of it as weird as that sounds... Could it be infected? There's still no puss, just the pain, swelling and heat. What would you recommend I do to it? I used to have my lip pierced and I did salt soaks with sea salt to help it heal, but I wasn't sure if that was only for oral piercings. Would it be okay to salt soak my cartilage? :/ I got it done with a needle, not a gun. if that makes any difference, haha :) A message for Frank-Thomas Grogan: I gave you gonorrhea

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  1. Frank-Thomas Grogan Says:

    I think it’s herpes

  2. :D Says:

    i get this when ive been wearing mine for too long, can i suggest taking it out for a few days while it heals but the hole doesnt? and id spray it with the h2ocean again

  3. Sheryl Says:

    i would try applying some ice to it because is good for swelling!!!!

  4. cynica Says:

    It is becoming infected. You will have to take the stud/ring out if you want it to heal properly as if your ear swells too much, you won’t be able to remove it at all and you’ll have to get a doctor to do it for you.

  5. Pretty Girl. Says:

    Go to Claires and buy a bottle of there ear piercing solution.!! its like $8 and the bottle will last awhile.!!
    then clean it 3x a day with it..for 8-12 weeks.!! your piercing might hurt a bit but DONT take that earring out girl.!! itll clear up im sure.!! DONT USE ALCOHOL OR PEROXIDE TO CLEAN IT NEITHER.!!! itll just dry it out.!

    make sure when you clean/touch it you have clean hands too.!!

    good luck.!!

  6. Brittany Clare Says:

    I feel sry for u

  7. Annie is a champ Says:

    Soak it in a sea salt mixture, it’s great for any piercing. Make sure you start spraying it again, but what ever you do, DO NOT take out the jewelry. If you have an infection and take out the jewelry, the piercing will heal and could trap the bacteria inside which could result in more serious medical issues. If it’s still really swollen and painful after a couple days of cleaning it really well and such, consult your piercer and your doctor.

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