How old do you have to be to get a microdermal hip piercing?

I want to get it done but do you have to be 18+ I choose microdermal ones because they only have a 2% rejection rate rather then regular ones. I know,I know you think Im crazy & ur probally wonder how do you get your hips pierced (with a needle!) youtube it. I already there surface piercing and there temporary that's why I choose microdermal so they would (maybe) last a bit longer!!

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  1. ???????? Says:

    Any form of body modification, in the US, requires you to be 18+ or with a parent.

    If you get to be friends with a shop owner, they might do it because they know you won’t nark but if you want it done legal… yeah… You gotta wait until your are 18+.

  2. mara Says:

    it doesn’t matter if you are young than you have to get permission by a parent..andi f your old than you can get it whenever you want.

  3. jen1313 Says:

    !8 years old! And thats that. Anyone willing to do it while you are underage SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED!!!!

  4. crazzy_nascar_chick Says:

    Yes you have to be 18.

  5. K. Says:

    Okay you shouldn’t but you could,get it done illegally,find a place,CLEAN,place that would do it :)
    Get a parent or older friend to come with you as a permission type thing.
    Orr Get a fake ID.

    good luckk (:

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