Where can I get pierced in Las Vegas?

I want to get a vertical hood piercing (genital). I need it to be $60 or less. What are some good, but not expensive shops in Las Vegas?

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  • I’m thinking about a VCH piercing? ...For those who don’t know, a vertical clit hood, or VCH, is a female genital piercing. If you want a visual, I suggest you google it. Now on to the question… I have recently been thinking of getting a VCH and I want to know some of your experiences. I know it probably hurts and...

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  1. Alexander R Says:

    There are many places here in Las Vegas to get a piercing. Diversity is actually a popular destination out here followed by Bad Apple Tattoo. You can also check out the following:

    -Atomic City Tattoo
    -Mastermind Tattoo and Piercing

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