What are you biggest fears/phobias?

My biggest fears/phobias would have to be: *Spiders (Arachnophobia) - I think that they are the creepiest and ugliest things ever. The way they just sit on a wall and stay there as if they are searching for prey is just downright creepy. Also, whenever you try to catch them or kill them, they run away SO fast! I just find them so creepy. I literally quiver when I think about spiders. *Snakes (Ophiophobia) - I know they are an important part of the eco-system but I just can't find myself to like snakes. The way they slither in bushes and in the grass is so creepy. I think I have a fear of snakes because some of them can be venomous or poisonous. Also, they look kind of slimy even though they aren't. I just don't like them. :/ *Heights (Acrophobia) - I have a huge fearof shock. :[ Because of this phobia of heights. Every time I'm too high up, I get severe vertigo. I lose all sense of myself and I start having panic attacks. I literally go into a state of panic and I can't breathe. Because of this fear, I can't go on any fun rides such as the rollercoaster ride. :/ *Loneliness (Autophobia) - I also have a small fear of ending up alone. I know that sound weird. I may not always be sociable but I really do fear not having anyone to turn to whether it's family or friends. The thought of having nobody at all scares me alot. :/ *Needles (Belonephobia) - This is a pretty common fear, a fear of needles or injections. When I got my ears pierced, I cried so hard before getting it done. The jeweler had to give me insense just so I could calm down and get on with the ear piercing procedure. I also HATE getting shots. And I've despised them ever since I was a kid. *Failure (Atychiphobia) - And finally, another fear I have is failure. I have failed some time in the past but I definitely do everything in my power to avoid failing in anything that I do. But I do realize that there is a positive side to failure. Failure can equal success. Because of failure, you can learn from your past mistakes and never make them again in the present and in the future. So, what are you fears/phobias? And have you ever done anything to overcome them? Are your phobias extreme, moderate or small? Put your signs too! :] Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon Pisces Rising Capricorn Mercury Sagittarius Venus Aries Mars Taurus Jupiter Capricorn Saturn

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  1. Sidge Says:

    i share your phobia of spiders – they are way tooo hairy and if they are not hairy then they are all spindly – i mean how can such a large body be suspended with such tiny thin legs. And they have way too many legs its horrible.

    I also have a fear of (dont know wat this is called sorry) vommitting blood. Its sounds really wierd i know but i never want to throw up blood. It would freak me out so bad and you can imagine what it would taste like – eeeeeeeeeew.

    I have a phobia of become all alone too, i want a family and a relationship with someone (not that there is anything wsrong with living along or being single all your life just that it is not for me.)_ I need people to talk to, or i’ll end up talking to myself and go mad.

    Lastly i have a fear of loosing control of one or more of my limbs (dont know wat this phobia is called). I dont mean getting my legs amputated (though i wuldnt like that either), but sitting around one day and realising that you cant lift your leg up or your hand no matter how hard you try to. I just dont like the idea of becoming immobile.

    =D Oh and btw i am aries – Mars (yay the ram)

  2. elsie Says:


  3. Jason b Says:

    My biggest fear is heights, I keep imagining myself that i’m gonna fall if i step too close an edge or something but not to the point of roller coaster rides ;p lol and I also have a fear of insects i get disgusted when they’re around me and i have a fear of failure I get angry when i lose ;Pp

    Cancer Sun
    Taurus Moon
    Taurus Rising
    Cancer Mercury
    Gemini Venus
    Virgo Mars
    Libra Jupiter
    Aquarius Saturn

  4. ?ark shad?w aint N?ggA Says:

    My biggest fear are the heights and hopefully i will overcome it someday. There isn’t anything special about it, I don’t lose senses and I don’t stop breathing I just don’t like them. Every time I’m in a tall building and I go to the balcony I just stay away from the parapet.

    Taurus Sun
    Virgo Moon
    Sagittarius Asc
    Gemini Mercury
    Gemini Venus
    Aries Mars
    Scorpio Jupiter
    Pisces Saturn

  5. kirki Says:

    *Snakes and
    * needles…

    Sun virgo 8th house square neptune
    Moon in scorpio 9th house
    Aquarius ascendant
    mercury in virgo 8th house
    venus in leo 7th house
    aries in virgo 7th house
    Saturn in scorpio 10th house
    Jupiter in aquarius 1st house square pluto
    I have read somewhere that the injections fear of mine is explained by mercury in virgo in 8th house–and i was impressed because it is really my case… i was one of those kids that you had to chase for injection and even now i can’t watch others to be injected, and of course it is very difficult for me to sit down and be injected.
    I don’t know where the snakes fear comes from( i mean astrollogically.. explained)
    Since i was a kid i used to have nightmares with snakes and injections–really these two things are the most frightening to me…

  6. Rachel Says:

    YUP YUP SAME SPIDERS!!!!!! iM A Arachnophobia!!!! :( :(

    Moi a LEO :D

  7. Muraki K Says:

    Awww…you’re afraid of snakes. Lol, you should meet my pet boa. He’s quite stupid and snuggles up with his food instead of eating it…He likes to watch TV, too and likes to play with my hair… he’s far to silly to be afraid of, lol.

    I am also afraid of heights.

    I am afraid of deep water. I go overseas occasionally but I have to take so much medication to function on a flight that flies over the ocean.

    I am afraid of being stung by bees and dying from allergy if there was nobody around and my epipen was missing.

    I am afraid of losing my mind…especially now that I lost some family to Alzheimers.

    And weirdly enough, I am afraid of leaving messages on phones and listening to voicemail. I just get all anxious and have a panic attack complete with a choking sensation any time I have to do it for an extended period of time. People have to text me messages or send me an email…
    I’ve tried to fix it–even taking a brief stint as a telemarketer in college, but nope–phobia won’t budge.

    Yeah, I’m quirky…. ^_^

    Honey, I think she is fully aware of what a phobia is.

    She gets panic attacks from height…just as I get them from my phone…

    It is a pity you can’t watch Nemo, though.

  8. Julia M Says:

    Don’t underestimate the word “phobia”. It’s not just being afraid of something, it’s a really serious emotional condition that can really limit one’s life. I don’t think someone who just “doesn’t like spiders” is an arachnophobic – an arachnophobic is someone who will always check everywhere if there are spiders or not. Using the word “phobia” too lightly can cause people to not take actual phobics seriously.

    I have a terrible phobia of big fish and especially sharks. And I can’t even get into a swimming pool. It’s called selachophobia. Me and my fellow selachophobics get panic attacks over still pictures of sharks. It’s a burden. I can’t even watch Finding Nemo.

  9. thy-sun-himeko Says:

    I wouldn’t say I have phobias per say. But I do have a big fear of spiders especially if they’re the real big ones! Not sure why to be honest o_O; Fear = small

    Another fear I have is of wasps and bees. o_O; I’m not allergic to them or anything…They just scare me…Horrible things they are! Bees = moderate wasps = extreme

    Being alone in the world not having any friends or family. I have my moments where I don’t want to be with people but I do love them a lot and those moments don’t last long… Fear = Extreme

    Not being successful in my life and disappointing my family.Or just in general not having a clue what I’m going to do for the rest of my life when I become an adult. fear = extreme.

    Pisces Sun
    Pisces Moon
    Leo or Gemini Rising (not to sure when I was born)
    Pisces Mercury
    Aquarius Venus
    Aquarius Mars
    Virgo Jupiter
    Aquarius Saturn

  10. Bryan ~Nice Vibe~ Says:


    Sun- Cancer
    Moon- Taurus
    Rising- Capricorn
    Mercury- Leo
    Mercury- Capricorn
    Venus- Scorpio
    Mars- Leo
    Jupiter- Cancer
    Saturn- Capricorn

  11. Laro Says:

    Heights (Acrophobia) – I have a huge fearof shock. :[ Because of this phobia of heights. Every time I’m too high up, I get severe vertigo. I lose all sense of myself and I start having panic attacks. I literally go into a state of panic and I can’t breathe. Because of this fear, I can’t go on any fun rides such as the rollercoaster ride. :/

  12. *~MeNa JoOn~* Says:

    Fear God,death, our government and snakes …….

  13. carla Says:

    i have androphobia- i fear men…lol ^_^ got a lot of bad experience with them… i dont even want to sit near them…so it’s a torture when my crush happened to be my lab partner, lol, i ended up dropping the subject, i cant work with a guy beside me…i gotten close to just a few, my exes and a friend, thats it.. whenever a guy approaches me, and start to talk to me i’ll run lol…moderate to extreme…

    yes, i tried to overcome it by talking to other guys little by little but i guess i dont see any benefits of talking to them, im not interested of having any romantic relationship with them anyway, so i just stop trying(thats why i dont have problem telling someone i like them)… i dont know if thats fear or am i just lacking interest on them and to complicate it more i do have a lot of crushes though…lol

    i have phobias with teachers too… waaah!!! i hate it when they ask me to stay and talk with them… and the scary part is they’ll show me my grades in red when im not even dreaming of knowing my class standing is…ok, i know im dead they dont need to show it to my face, do they want me to faint from it lol ( i love the color red, but whenever i see it on my class card, im starting to hate it, lol) ^_^.. this fear is just light to moderate… i dont even know where to start overcoming this fear..lol

    i have cynophobia- fear of dogs…especially those huge breeds…and those puppies thats too aggresive, violent and crazy(oh, god i still wanna live) lol… waaah… im scared of them…
    slight to moderate too..
    i havent even think about overcoming this…lol


  14. cirlce.square.dot.heart Says:


  15. couturelovej Says:

    My fear is being alone.. it’s cliche but really it’s so hard for me to enjoy my own company without feeling anxious at times cuz I love people :) also my phobia would be worms… ahhh hate them

    Sun: Taurus
    Moon: Leo
    Rising: Scorpio
    Mercury: Taurus
    Venus: Gemini
    Mars: Aquarius
    Jupiter: Taurus
    Saturn: Capricorn

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