How long after having your genitals pierced before you can have sexual relations?

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  1. Karrien Sim Peters Says:

    That day. Get it on while its still raw. That was the point right?

  2. Beth D Says:

    they should have told you at the piercing place.

  3. Koko Butta Says:

    after they heal, which is about 5-7 months i think?

    check wikipedia

  4. D fanelli Says:

    when you stop bleeding

  5. mick r Says:

    As soon as you stop screaming!! Enjoy it!!

  6. Lord Worple Says:

    Tea girl, let’s say it like it is: you are going to pay someone to a put a red hot piece of metal through your clitoris.


    Resist the temptation, I say. So that in old age, you will not be sitting in the nursing home asking yourself: “Why, oh, why, didn’t I have my clitoris mutilated when I had the chance?”

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