Not another tongue piercing question?!…I still have a question.?

So, I'm 17 and my birthday is in 7 months (Dec. 20) and I've been dying to get my tongue pierced for 5 years now. People say "Oh, by time you're 18 you won't want it anymore" that's where they're wrong..I've asked my parents a million times and each time they said no. The only reason why my dad said he wont let me get it was because he thought I'd be giving guys oral sex with not true, I barely talk to guys and thats gross anyway..I'm not that kind of anyways, they don't know that im getting it done when I turn 18(along with 2 other piercings) but i want to get my tongue done now while I have the money..but obiously you have to be 18. >.< any suggestions besides waiting? my friend's brother did my friend's tattoo and it turned out great and hes a perfessional tattooer and body piercer, but im not sure if i wanna ask yet O.o so just leave a comment. (sorry for this being so long!)

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  1. silly<3 Says:

    well about the oral sex thing, ur so wrong its not gross & im younger then you. well honestly wait but if you don’t wanna hear that then get it from ur friends bro..

  2. AnaheimAngels Says:

    yah I would highly suggest you wait. my cuzin was impatient as well and decided to let her friend do hers, and everything went swell untill the needle went in and suddenly my cuzin couldnt move one side of her face. its realllllllllyyyyy dangerous to do it yourself. i have had a few peircings in my day and the tounge is one you need to wait for.

  3. Redbone Says:

    I would suggest you get a belly piercing instead. Many people (not just your Dad) think that the tongue piercing is in fact for oral stimulation. I personally think they look tacky with the belly piercing you can hide it if necessary. Get my drift? But whatever you do – don’t go to a shady parlor who will do it even though you aren’t of age, if anything goes wrong (like an infection) they won’t be held liable.

  4. super duper Says:

    I’m 17 and I have my tongue pierced twice. You’re allowed piercings like that with parental consent from a younger age here though.

    If your brothers friend REALLY is a professional piercer and you know he’s good then that’s a possibility. If your parents are just advising you against then that’s okay but if they are not allowing you to get it then going behind their back is not to wise.

    Waiting wouldn’t be so bad.

    Ohh and oral sex is not gross!

  5. candice M Says:

    Ok well if your parenta say’s no just wait until you are 18 then they can’t say nothing you will be an adult then. Or if you want to get it done noe just get a clear toung ring and they will never know you have it done.but don’t get caught playing with

  6. Aussie mum Says:

    Just wait the 7 months, I promise it will be worth it.
    There’s no point in getting it done in your friend’s brother’s basement, that’s not a safe option. Even if he is a “professional” he’s probably not a reputable one if he’s willing to tattoo/pierce people under 18 without parental conceit, and he can get into some trouble with the law should anyone ever find out and report that he’s doing this. You also have the problem that under 18 your parents can tell you that you have to take it out. In fact if your still under their roof after your 18 they have that option.
    I could also suggest you try what I did when I was younger to get my parents to agree for me to get my tongue pierced. Basically I went online and got all the information I could, tons of it. I then sat down and maturely debated the subject with my parents. For every point they made, I had a counter point. Eventually they agreed and I got it done for my 16th birthday.
    I will warn you though: Regardless if your the type of girl to be wanting to give oral to male or not, people will assume that you are.
    As for having the money now, just throw your money in a bank account, or even piggy bank of some sort and mark it as “piercing money” so you don’t spend it.

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