How much does a nose piercing hurt, honestly?

I have a very low pain tolerance and to be honest, im really scared about getting it done. The piercer has said its the most painful facial piercing, and im almost so scared of the pain im backing out. so, honestly, how much does it actually hurt? so i know what to expect.

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  1. Emma Louise :) Says:

    It hurt me like a 2-3. Hardly felt it.

  2. annamarie_9790 Says:

    My friend practically cries when she gets flicked, and she barely even felt the nose piercing. It is cartilidge, you won’t feel much but a pinch.
    Don’t worry about it

  3. Tripp's Dad-4/13/09 Says:

    it hurts a little bit. your nose is sensitive and has cartilage in it. my piercer said the same thing when i was getting mine done. he said it was going to hurt. it made my eyes water.

    i have 4 other piercings on my face (lip, bridge and 2 eyebrow piercings) and the nose was the one that hurt the most. it hurt more than the septum piercing i had at one time.

    it also depends on the size you get it. i got a 14g ring. the bigger the size, the more it will hurt. if your getting a small little stud, it shouldnt hurt that bad at all

  4. Koro Says:

    Nose piercing is definitely not the most painful.

    When you think about it, take a step back. Have you ever cut yourself on anything (accidentally)? It only hurts for a moment, right?
    The pain of a piercing is momentary, and will fade away. The pain is nothing to worry about.

  5. Peyton [Political Princess] Says:

    I used to have one.
    It didnt hurt as much as an ear piercing to me.
    It hurt though. Probably a 5 out of 10.
    I have very low pain tolerance.

  6. sweet sensimilla Says:

    if you have a low pain tolerance it might not be for you… it goes through a gland and some pretty thick cartlidge. im not gunna lie to you, its not pleasent

  7. Chelsea D Says:

    Listen, i peirced my own nose, it does not hurt at all, and i did it slow because its not easy to do yourself, so it should of hurt way more then at a place but it didnt hurt at all. getting my cartiledge peirced on my ear hurt 100x more. ive had many peircings and the nose is by far the least painfull, it heels quickly. but dont use bactine like they say or sea breeze. this causes the peircing to stay raw-like and will be sore for much longer. Buy a contact solution that you clean contacts with and apply with a q-tip in the morning and at night for the first 2 weeks. it will not be the slightest bit sore after the 3rd day, i promise.

  8. Rachel C Says:

    If you really want the piercing, it will be worth the pain. It made my eyes water, but it was over in a split second. Of course, it will be sore afterwards, but proper care will cause it to heal as fast as possible.

  9. Shannon A Says:

    it does hurt, mine felt a lot like a bee sting… my eyes watered for about 10 minutes, and it throbbed for about a day, but it also stopped hurting pretty quickly. To give you an idea, I’ve had my nose pierced for 17 years, and I still remember it pretty clearly…

    If you have a low pain tolerance, perhaps piercing isn’t your thing? I mean, that’s kind of the point, you get a reward (pretty jewelery) for your bravery.

  10. Brigette Says:

    i definitely don’t believe it’s the most painful facial piercing. My lip hurt more than my nose (both healing and piercing). it felt to me like if you got a pin prick on your nose while someone was applying pressure too.

    just breathe deep and calm yourself before he/she does it. :)

    but don’t psych yourself out over what others tell you. no one but you can decide how much it hurts.

  11. asdf_1234ghjkl Says:

    It like doesn’t. Especially because they do it like super quick. As long as you keep your eyes closed you should be fine, if you keep your eyes open you’ll get all nervous and psych yourself out. (Mind over matter)

  12. iAmSORE?L [?] Says:

    it doesn’t hurt that bad

  13. jkgurl95 Says:

    it was done in a second and it didint rly hurt and i have low tollerance for pain al welll butt trust me iitll be over before u knoe it

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