I accidentally swallowed two buckyballs / Neocub balls Please Help!?

I was out with friends drinking, and the neocube makes for an excellent bar conversation...well i was pretty drunk...and dicking around. I gave myself a lower lip piercing with two balls...and in the process due to the intoxication...accidentally swallowed both. Yet i know for a fact, 100% that they were joined together when they went down. I figured, since they were "conjoined" that the possibility of them getting stuck in my intestine is unlikely. I've read that if they are swallowed at different times, you are in BIG trouble....because they will attract through the thin intestinal lining and pretty much wreck havoc in your gut. Anyways, the next day...i woke up with a hangover, and an extreme urge to defecate. I went to the bathroom to handle my business, and due to the fact i had been drinking a lot...the consistency of my stool was 95% diarrhea. There was no way i was going to look for balls in that mess. We'll i've passed stool 2-3 more times since then...and i have no idea if the balls are in my gut...or what's going on. I haven't gone to the dr. to get an x-ray....yet really wonder if its necessary? I rationalize that since these magnetics are stuck together...they should pass through? How could they get stuck in the folds, if they didn't go in at separate times? Anyways...some serious insight would be helpful. I'm thinking of taking a bulking laxative tonight. I swallowed the Balls on Sunday night, now its Tuesday...its been about 48 hours. I'm not experiencing any extreme pain...but there is definitely a placebo factor going on....I'm just worried...i'd get an x-ray but it seems hassle-some... i know going to the dr. is the best bet...to know for certain...but god dammit, they were conjoined together! Anyways...lesson learned...don't put these things anywhere near your mouth....they don't make for jewelery AT ALL. Even if you use them as a fake piercings...after about 3-5 minutes, the force of attraction, starts to hurt...a lot. It's just not worth it. Neocube* sorry for the typo...it was the autochecker on yahoo.

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  1. Barcode Says:

    If you should have polyps in your colon, they might get slowed down or stop traffic altogether.
    What then? Emergency surgery! Or – you could end up w/a twisted bowel. Thrill Thrill – sure enough emergency surgery, then. As a precautionary measure – no matter that is seems to be ‘hassle some’ – an X-Ray could give you the answer you seek – dontcha think?

  2. sagredo tade Says:

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