Let me ask a question regarding circumcision too. may as well jump on the bandwagon…?

I've seen a lot of questions regarding circumcision lately. I've seen it compared to things that made no sense to me and I've also seen statements made that were positive to the argument and made you think...here's my question... For those who say they couldn't do that to their child, that it had to be their child's choice later in life. For those who say it's their body and shouldn't be done without the child's consent/desire to do so.... How do you feel about piercing your baby girl's ears? Do you think along the same lines? That it's wrong? That it should be the choice of the little girl's as she gets older b/c it's HER body? I'm don't have extreme feelings one way or another for either of these things, so I'm not attacking. I just made the connection in my brain and was wondering all of your thoughts. I have seen on this site several times other parents bash piercings b/c they claim them to be permanent. I haven't have my ears pierced since I was 11 and there's still holes their. I could still get an earring through if I wanted. It still on a smaller scale scarred my body. According to parents who are against circumcision, it's not a neccessary procedure....well, neither is piercing your ears. I never said by the way whether I'm for or against circumcision. I was just trying to make a point.

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  1. chickenfarmer Says:

    I think a girl should make the decision to have her ears pierced but I don’t look down on parents that do it because they want to. Here’s why: earring holes grow back, foreskin doesn’t (not that I care if parents circumcise though, just using the argument of permanency)

  2. ms holli Says:

    I totally see your point, and im anti piercing and anti circumcision, I dont judge others who do, I think they have their priorities messed up but I waited till my daughter was 7 and she asked for her ears to be pierced and I explained everything about the procedure then we got it done

  3. Me Says:

    I personally would never circumcise my baby. It’s his body and I don’t want to alter it forever without his consent. Besides he can always be circumcised later if he wanted to, but if he ever wanted that skin back, he’d never be able to.

    I chose not to pierce my daughter’s ears for the same reason. It’s her choice. I’m not going to put holes there and put her through unnecessary pain for cosmetic beauty. When she wants them done, I’ll take her and hold her hand.

  4. Madi Says:

    Thank God you’re comparing male circumcision to something rational. I’ve seen it compared to female circumcision which is mind boggling.

    My sons aren’t circumcised because in my eyes it’s a religious practice to do with Judaism. Piercing a baby girls ears is again, a cultural thing. You can take earrings out … you can’t exactly remove the out come of circumcision.

  5. ~*Texas Mommy*~ Says:

    “How do you feel about piercing your baby girl’s ears?”
    -I don’t think it’s necessary, but I can see the benefits to it when they are so young. I’m going wait a while though and have my daughter decide when she’s ready. I don’t think babies need earrings anyhow.

    “Do you think along the same lines? That it’s wrong?”
    -No I don’t think it’s wrong or barbaric. I don’t think it’s necessary, but then again it’s up to the parents.

    “That it should be the choice of the little girl’s as she gets older b/c it’s HER body?”
    -Again that’s up to the parents. If the parents decide to let their daughter choose, then that’s still the choice of the parents. One could argue that the daughter could come back when she’s older and decide to hate her parents because it would have been less painful to have her ears pierced as a baby (yet I doubt that scenario).

    And as with circumcision, the parents STILL have to give consent so in a way it’s STILL the parents’ choice as to when and what age their daughter pierces her ears.

    ETA- Circumcision in a way compared to piercing a baby’s ears is different to me. Piercing a baby’s ears offers no potential health benefits where as circumcision *can* offer some health benefits. But I still don’t think circumcision is entirely necessary.

  6. desmeran Says:

    i had exactly the same question but decided not to take the abuse inherent in asking it. :-)

  7. AgeofAquarius31 Says:

    I’ll answer this one, because it’s a little different!

    I do feel it should be the choice of the boy (circumcision), and the choice of the child, as far as ear piercing… My ears were pierced as a baby, and I’ve nothing but trouble, ever since… If my girls want it done, they will wait until they’re at least 5, and will have it fully explained—pros and cons—by me, first.

    My oldest chose to have it done at age 6… My other two girls are only 2 and 8 months. :) My 10-year-old hardly ever wears them, now.

    I don’t have extreme feelings about either one, though… Parents can choose to have either one done, and there’s nothing I can do about it, which is why I don’t see what the big debate is about… In both cases, either way, as long as the child has loving parents, he/she is unlikely to be extremely affected by it.

    Just my humble opinions.

    *edit* I agree with you, Jen… I can’t even wear earrings, due to infections, but the holes are still there! They simply will not close.

  8. graham's rad mama Says:

    I would never get my daughter’s ears pierced until she can make the decision, but that’s my choice. I don’t care about what other people do..much like circumcision. I don’t care what others do with their son’s penis. It’s a personal decision.
    BUT the difference between a circumcision and piercings is that a circumcision is pretty much permanent (I say pretty much because there are ways to bring your foreskin back) and piercings are not. An ear piercing also wouldn’t affect one’s life like a circumcision would.

    I assume I’m getting thumb-downed because of what I said about restoring foreskin.
    Here are some links:
    There are many more…type in “foreskin restoration” in google.

  9. Erika (Nina and Brady's Mom) Says:

    I am anti circumcision, and yes I am anti ear piercing.
    I will not pierce my daughter ears unless she tells me she wants it done. She’s 4 years old, while she’s seen mommy wear earrings, she hasn’t told me that she wants it for herself.

  10. Julienne's Mom (31 wks!) Says:

    A lot of anti circumcision people are also anti baby piercing. They are similar in some ways, but in other ways are different. Yes piercing is purposefully modifying your child’s body for cosmetic reasons against their wishes. The modification is smaller scale though, leaving behind two tiny holes in the ear lobe is different from removing an entire functioning piece of skin.

    My daughter’s ears are NOT pierced and my son will NOT be circumcised. I don’t want to cause my kids pain for something that is not necessary. I’ll be happy to take my daughter to get her ears pierced when she is old enough to say “mommy, i want earrings!” and i can tell her that it will hurt and she will need to keep them clean and not meddle with them.

  11. celtic.piskie Says:

    I’m anti both.

    Why on earth do people think it’s okay to put holes in theior babies bodies?

    What if your daughter doesn’t WANT her ears pierces, what purpose does it serve??

    It has no reason, it causes a child pain, and i cannot fot the life of me fathom why people think it’s acceptable to put pieces of metal in their child’s body to make them ‘look better’…

  12. Flower Power Momma Says:

    I see your points and I agree for the most part, though I do believe a parent should be able to choose circumcision for their son if they see it appropriate.

  13. Rachel R Says:

    I’m opposed to infant circumcision. It’s an unnecessary, irreversible amputation of a child’s healthy genitals and it has no place in a civilized society.

    I’m also opposed to infant ear-piercing, although I don’t think the two can even compare. Although ear-piercing is unnecessary and (as many have stated) irreversible, it does not remove any part of the child’s body (nor with it, 20,000 nerve endings, several feet of blood vessels, 50% of mobile penile skin, estrogen receptors, lymphatic vessels, the frenulum, etc) and it’s done on the earlobes, which really are “useless flaps of skin.”

  14. Nini ^^ Says:

    I think both is wrong. Parents shouldn’t scar the bodies of their children before they’re old enough to decide for themselves.

  15. Connor Says:

    I wouldn’t peirce my son or my daughters ears without their okay, just like I wouldn’t tattoo my child. However you can’t compare the two. Ear peircings don’t effect sexual function and take away sexual pleasure, also the pain of the procedure isn’t comparable.
    I do think along the same lines. I mean why are people madifying their childs bodies so much, let your child make their own choices. However ear peircing isn’t as extreme as a body modification as circumcision.

    I would rather have holes in my ears than an (in my mind) a mutilated penis. But that’s my personal opinion. I would rather not have either all together lol.
    I wouldn’t do either for my kids.


  16. Michael Says:

    Piercing a little girl’s ears isn’t really in the same league as cutting off an erogenous part of a little boy’s genitals.

    Fair question though.

    I do also agree that it is a decision which the girl should make herself when she’s older and she understands the procedure.

  17. Jillian ~*Cohen's mummy*~ Says:

    I won’t pierce a little girls easr. But the two are not comparable though. circumcision is REMOVING a very sensitve sexually functioning skin. where as piercing is just that and it can be removed, though i wouldn’t do either. either way with ar piercing it’s not removing skin.

    my son is cut but i regret it and won’t do it to another son of mine shall i have one

    female circumcision and male circumcision can be compared to eachother because they are both cutting of the genetalia. there are different type of female circumcision. it’s the same purpose either way. I wouldn’t do it to my daughter so what makes my son’s penis less important?
    If i have a little girl i will let her decide. it’s more special then anyway. i remember when i was about 3 or 4 i wanted to ge tmine done. my little sister was just born so my mom took me as a special thing. it was fun, i’ll always remember it:)

  18. e w Says:

    Well, piercing ears doesn’t interfere with bodily processes, like sex.

    Circumcision is genital mutilation, and is neural and vascular damage of the penis for males.

    Circumcision can and has killed people, infants and adults alike.
    There have been other complications that have destroyed men’s sex lives.

    I suffered from more than the usual loss (50-75%) of sexual sensitivity as a result of the mutilation forced on me as an infant.

    Comparing ear piercing just isn’t as drastic—it doesn’t interfere with hearing or any other bodily function. Certainly there is a chance of infection, but usually that’s easily treated.

    Female circumcision of minors is illegal in every civilized country, as it should be, but male circumcision is every bit, if not more mutilation than female circumcision—a lot more tissue is removed and damaged than in female circumcision.

    It’s sexist and unconstitutional as such to make the mutilation of the genitals of one sex illegal and not the other in the USA.

    I wouldn’t allow a child of mine to have the ears pierced, and would fight to the death to prevent them from having their genitals mutilated by circumcision—whether a male or female child. I would want my child to be whole and complete as nature made him/her.

    Any bodily modification would only be done with my child’s consent when he/she is of age to decide for himself/herself.

    Mutilating infants is an abomination, done by cruel, sadistic monsters.

    Circumcision is the worst hoax ever perpetrated on the male sex.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


  19. H5 Says:

    Yes, I think ear piercing should be the choice of the person as well. I don’t like the idea of infant ear piercing.

    But I think it’s not as invasive as circumcision. It can go wrong (I know somebody who pulled on them as a baby, got an infection, and now has a scar and the holes won’t close) but it’s not as risky, it’s not removing a body part, and you can just take out the earrings. I have several friends all grown-up and never have their ears pierced; the ones who are pierced all chose to get it done and it was a big deal when they did, an exciting day, they chose the earrings etc. Where I live at least most people don’t get it done to babies.

    I don’t get why some people yell at those against circumcision and say “but what about ear piercing?!” as if that justifies it. Most rational people are against both. I don’t see the need for either and I wouldn’t do either. I do think genital modification is worse than just poking a hole though.

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