Straight males – would you care getting pierced by a -Gay- body piercer?

Im a pretty "straight acting" gay Body Piercer in his first year of his apprenticeship. So for instance if you were to get a genital piercing like a Prince Albert would you feel werid if a gay guy did it? Would you feel more comfortable with a straight guy or maybe even a girl? No offense taken please just give honest answers.

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  1. Hans Says:

    Not really, as long as he’s professional about it (like a doctor would be).

  2. Mattew Says:

    Wouldn’t matter to me.

  3. ToolGirl5-Is back baby.. ;) Says:

    Long as you do it right and your clean,no one could care less…Its not like you have to tell then your gay straight or bi..

  4. annalisa Says:

    My boyfriend said that he might prefer a gay guy or any guy because whatever happens (i.e. accidental stiffy) he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Other guys know what that is like. He said he would feel more uncomfortable with a girl.

  5. NightLaurel Says:

    I’m not a guy but I don’t see why it should matter. As long as everything is done professionally. But that’s with any piercer. For example, with a straight man doing a woman’s genital piercing. As long as everything is professional it shouldn’t bother.

  6. Dylan Says:

    as long as it’s professional and done correctly then i’d have no problem with it

    there’s no reason to care about such a silly thing

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