Surface piercing – bar or dermal anchor?

i really want a nape piercing, and was just about to get the piercing done with a bar, when my piercer told me about single point piercings, or dermal anchors. Could anyone please let me know which one would be better.. which one would hurt less, look better etc also, i know the dermal anchor is permanent, but will the removal process (if i decide to get it removed in a few years) really be that bad? thanks for any info xx

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  1. sherrie Says:

    There are two major differences in a surface piercing and a microdermal.

    Surface piercings will reject anywhere between a few months to a year or so, while microdermals will have to be removed via scalpal or needle.

    If you choose to get a surface bar, your piercer will pinch the skin, insert the needle all the way through and place the bar underneath. Here is a video of a surface piercing on the nape (sorry for the music, but it was good quality)

    A microdermal will work differently, first the piercer uses a dermal punch to open the skin, then makes pockets in the hole with a needle. The jewelry is then placed in to the new hole and positioned correctly. This will have to be done twice for the same effect of the surface bar. Here is a video of the procedure

    Removal can vary depending on the length of time you have the microdermals in. If you plan on having it for a few years the tissue will grow through the small holes in the jewelry and you will likely have comma shaped scars on each removal. This picture of the jewelry will give you a better idea of what holes I’m talking about and why you would have the scar shape.

    Care is essentially the same for both and your piercer can brief you on that.

    Sorry – I forgot to mention pain level. In my personal opinion microdermals are much more painful than surface piercings because of the amount of stress put on the new opening. It is pretty much going to be your own call though. I would compare a surface piercing to having my earlobes pierced and the microdermal to having my earlobes pierced and continually prodded in the new hole. It was tolerable, but not pleasant in any way.

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