Can I change out my long awkward monroe jewelry?

I have my nose and tongue pierced so I know about facial and oral piercing, but recently I go my Monroe pierced which is like a labret. It's been two weeks, and I want to change it because the bar is too long and the excess hangs down in the mouth, and sometimes I even get my teeth caught on the top of it. Also because the excess on the barbell lays flat in my mouth against my teeth, the angle is causing what looks like a keloid(I had one on my nose ring, so I know what they are) to form. My questions is, should I change it, I think I should but I have seen mixed answers, I really would only like to hear from people who know about labret or Monroe peircings specifically. When dealing with a piercing that has this weird slack issue I don't care to hear anyone apply what they had to do with their other facial piercing. Thanks!

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  1. HBIC ? Says:

    i dont think you should change it yet. i had a Monroe piercing and i tried changing it after about 2 weeks, and as soon as i took the jewelry out..the back part closed up and i had to repeirce it, and it bled and hurt really bad. So i waited about a month and then i changed it to a shorter barbel, and it was fine.

  2. Victoria Says:

    Thats the same thing that happened to me. I changed mine after three weeks. But if you are going to change it now, remember to put something in there right away it closes SO FAST. Im sure you should be fine tho.

  3. Merri Says:

    If your going to change it this early, you might want to try having an internally threaded (the kind where the ball has a little threaded stick coming out of it vs. the kind where the threading in on the shaft of the bar) piece of jewelry to replace it with. This will be much less irritating to a new a new piercing then putting through a piece of jewelry with threads on the bar. Also, lube up the jewelry you are putting in with a water based lube like KY jelly, makes inserting the jewelry a lot easier. Also keep in mind if you change it this early it may still be a little swollen. That means that if you get a fitted labret stud now, you may have to downsize again in a few weeks when the swelling is completly gone in order to have a tight fitting piece of jewelry. Good luck!

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