what should my next facial piercing be?

I have been thinking about an eyebrow ring, or maybe my nose,(Or ear cartilage?) but need some advice for you guys... what do you think will look best? Im open to all ideas, I'm going to the tattoo shop later today. http://tinypic.com/r/k1w9hy/7 http://tinypic.com/r/aemtdh/7 http://tinypic.com/r/25qawk2/7

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  1. Nicholas F Says:

    A Septum Piercing. I’ve been thinking about getting one myself, but I don’t have teh monehs. D:

    EDIT: Who would thumb down a septum piercing? They’re sexy as hell.

  2. Sarah Strothman Says:

    I have many friends that have the too of their ear cartilage pierced, it looks really good.

  3. merlin Says:

    your left eyebrow
    i think since you have the snakes, and you wear glasses, the eyebrow looks like the natural choice

  4. Glittergal4500 Says:

    Eyebrow ring would look the best,it would bring out your eyes. But than again if you get nose, and choose a ring the color of your eyes it would definitely bring them out too!

  5. emily Says:

    eyebrow!!! i don’t think you should get your nose considering you have snake bites and your nose and your mouth are close to each other and i think it would look like there was too much if you had a nose ring. you would look really good if you had your eyebrow i think

  6. Dakota Valentine Says:

    Medusa piercing! Eyebrow piercings on girls look too Masculine.

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