My earlobe piercing is swollen, red, warm to the touch, and itchy. Why?

I've had my ear pierced for years, so it's nothing new. My piercings have always been really sensitive, though, so the occasional bout of discomfort or trouble getting an earring in isn't all that unusual. This is just annoying though. It's got the little lump, but it doesn't hurt unless I purposefully try to irritate it...which is not something that I make a habit of. Mostly, it's the itching that's bothering me. I've been using Neosporin, and I intend to do an epsom salt soak tonight, but I'm a little worried that it's not a typical minor infection. Namely, that I've developed an allergy to my studs. Is this the typical reaction to a metal allergy?

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  1. Mama Mia Says:

    Can be and will often develop as an allergy to “nickle” in cheap earrings. Clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide and use only 14k or higher earrings or surgical stainless steel posts. Reinsert the earrings by dipping the post in the antibiotic cream. If in gets worse or drains pus you need to see a doctor.

  2. Emily Ross Says:

    ear infection dont freak out….. try to squeeze it here and there but if it gets to bad see a doctor!

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