New nose piercing advice?

Hey! I just got my nose pierced and my eyes didn't water and I didn't feel a thing and the needle slipped in very easily, so is it normal that my eyes didn't water up or is that weird? My nose didn't even go red, good sign or unusual? How can I ensure that I don't get an infection? What is the proper way to clean it and how often do I clean it? What products do I use to clean it and please can yo give me any extra advice you might have just so nothing happens? When will I be able to change it and how long does it take to fully heal? Thank you all for your help! xD

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  1. Elle Says:

    First of all, if you had it professionally done, they should have told you all that stuff. Second of all, not feeling it means you’re normal, CONGRATULATIONS!(haha, it’s no biggy).

    You need to clean it twice a day with saline solution, like a nasal spray(you can get it at a grocery store or Walgreens). Also, wash it in the shower with a mild antibacterial soap, such as Dial. You should be able to change the ring in about 2 months. Just make sure it’s clean(but don’t over clean it, that’ll dry out your skin) and you’ll be fine. Good luck:)

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