Has one of your piercings ever caused a little flap of skin to form?

I recently had a Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing done, which itself has healed nicely. But underneath my clitoral hood, I seem to have formed this little flap of skin that is very red. It isn't on either of the entrances to the piercing, but is actually in between my inner labia. Have you ever had any piercing (not just genital) cause a little flap of skin?

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  1. britney. Says:

    if i was you id be booking a doctors appointment by now


    go back to where you got it peirced and get it checked out
    i hope its nothing too serious :S

  2. edith m Says:

    i havnt but clit is different then most peircings

  3. Mandi Says:

    yeah i had my lip pierced and it did the same thing after it healed so i went back to my tattoo parlor and they said it was normal. might be diff for clit so i would just swing by the place u got it done just 2 be on the safe side

  4. kaylams@rocketmail.com Says:


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