Ear Stretching – how long?

I was just wondering generally how long it should take to stretch to about 6mm/8mm? I'm currently at 4mm, and this has taken me a little over a week - i dont know if i have gone a little fast but theres been no blood or extreme pain or anything so i think im okay. do you have to wait longer as you stretch further? or does it just depend on the person? i have been told at the piercing place i go to that you can stretch when it stops hurting/burning etc but mine stop hurting after about a day and i think maybe thats a little too fast! i've tried researching but just wanted a more personal answer. thanks :)

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  1. Megan Says:

    It really all depends on the person. The safe answer is that you should wait at least a week before stretching to the next size, but some people can stretch every few days with no problem. A day is probably a little too soon, but after that, if it stops hurting and there’s no blood, you can stretch to the next size. Just make sure you stop if there’s blood or severe pain.

  2. ya0tznii Says:

    Speaking from personal experience, my lobes are currently at about 14mm. I went from newly pieced lobes up to the size i’m at now in just over 3 months.
    I did it in the same way you describe. ie, going up as soon as the burning/pain from the previous stretch went away.
    It’s also perfectly safe to go up by 2mm at a time. Loads of people go from 2 to 4, then 4 to 8. After about 8mm the stretching gets a lot easier. The pain doesn’t last as long, and the swelling lasts only a couple of hours.
    Of course, everyone is different. But speaking from my own experience, i’d suggest that you can safely go from your current 4mm size straight up to 6mm.
    Stretching is a personal thing, and stretching quickly is perfectly safe. Not many people can handle the pain though, which is why so many people insist upon stating that you have to wait months and months. ..this simply isn’t true. As the professionals have confirmed to you.

    There are two rules for stretching..
    1. Cleanliness is key. Everything must be clean. ..the jewelry, your hands, your ear. Everything.
    2. If you see blood, then you’ve gone too far too quick. If you don’t see blood, then you’re good to go.

  3. Robyn :D Says:

    I put a new stretcher in my ears every week, and my ears are perfectly fine, :) most would say about thrree to four weeks, but I’m very impatient. But my ears are 3/4ths ( uh… 19mm, I think?) and they’re in tip top shape :)

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