Is my VCH piercing actually a Surface Hood Piercing? ?

Hello. I got my VCH piercing done yesterday and I love it. The only problem is that I noticed today that the most of the post of the 5/16" curved barbell is pierced through my hood like a surface hood piercing. The end ball still sits directly ontop of my clit though. I do not know if its my piercer's fault or the fact that I have a very very short and small clit hood and clit. My piercer is very profession and clean. He has 10 years of experience and is the owner of his Piercing salon. He did my lip piercing perfectly. I just can't contact him right now since its 2am so Im wondering about other's opinion about my piercing. I know a VCH is one hole at the farthest top of the hood (which is where mind starts) and the bar goes through the hood at on point and UNDER the hood and out. Well mine is like that except it goes THROUGH the hood all the way out and not under. The piercing doesnt hurt now and doesnt look different from other VCH piercings Ive seen at glance. you can only tell once you try to tug the barbell. So what do you think? Mistake, or just a small clit hood? Maybe my clit hood is so short that the piercing dept became its lenght also. I looked at my friend's VCH and her hood is 5x bigger than mine and I guess more "loose" and its very clear that the bar goes under the hood . And what ball size (in mm) to you suggest for the jewlery would look or feel good for a vch? I am not even sure what ball sizes are on my post on me right now, but i know the post lenght is 5/16" and is of titanium steel. Mature responses only please. I already have it done and I like what i have, I am not worried about it being the wrong piercing or being bad. I am just curious. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Alex K Says:

    Every woman is vastly different down there, so it’s bound to be a little different from others. As long as the piercing doesn’t harm you in any way and looks okay I wouldn’t worry too much about exact placement.

  2. Dave V Says:

    from Wikipedia…..

    Vertical clitoral hood piercing
    Often referred to as a VCH. In a vertical hood piercing, the clitoral hood is usually pierced in a manner that causes the jewelry to rest directly on the clitoris, often enhancing sensation.

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