Oral herpes help please?

I'm not stupid. I don't even have to get tested to know that I have oral herpes. It started 2 months ago, and I didn't think much of it. It last two weeks. I thought it was just because at the time, I was sick. I was really dehydrated and I was always under the impression that if you're dehydrated, you're lips blister. So again, I didn't think much of it. Now, its back but its kind of different this time. It was in the middle of the afternoon and I pierced my lips together. I felt a bump on my lower lip. Went to the bathroom, and I had to look REALLY hard to see, but I could tell that it was inflamed. By the end of the day, it looked like a blister, and the next day, I guess it popped. I pierced my lips together again, and it was wet even though there was no reason for it to be. Over night, it seemed to have scabbed and I think that was another 2 days but in the middle of the second day, the scab came off (I learned last time that its best to keep it dry in my case because I always kept picking at it when it was moist) the same way as last time and I will admit, I was picking at it so that didn't help... As of now, it hurts a little, its red just looks like a peeled the skin off that part of my lip. I actually think its going to heal faster than the first one. Again, I'm not stupid. I don't even have to get tested to know what it is. Anyway, I just had a few questions about it. Is there any way to reduce the healing time? Like, the first time was two weeks, this time might be shorter but the next I may not be so lucky. Considering my job, I can't keep telling people I got into a fight with my sister... I need a way to reduce the break out time. Any suggestions? I've been tempted to by Abreva. I didn't know cold sores were a form or herpes when I first saw the commercails some time ago, but after doing A LOT of research, I get it know. I know this damn thing like the back of my hand. So pretty damn well. Actually, that's all I need to know. I can deal with the pain and its not even really a pain. Just an annoyance. I just need the break outs to not last so long (or even at all, I wish...) So any suggestions?

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  1. reddog_1965 Says:

    Well first of all you need to be a responsible person and make sure you tell your boyfriend/husband or anyone your going to kiss that you have this and make sure when you have one or feel it coming on DO NOT KISS THEM. You will pass it on to them very easily. Its very contagions. And to make the sores go away or not show up destress your self and take Abreva or some other drug to help. Getting sick brings them out also.

  2. Jeb Says:

    I have use d camphor Pique ( spelling).
    You don’t put a lot on it because I think it tastes bad.

    It also comes in a little tube nad is salve.
    Don’t use a lot because I think its poison kind of.
    Have put it on and just held lip open with my finger for awhile, then just let it go.

    Use a swab to put it on with.

  3. Infiniti Says:

    Well either way you HAVE to go to the doctor if you want to reduce the breakouts. Theres nothing otc that you can take that would work as well as what a doctor could prescibe. I think they even have meds now that could limit outbreaks to maybe once a year. So go to your doctor and get a presciption.

  4. herepslove Says:

    Go to your doctor and get some meds. jThe only thing you can do is to limit outbreaks. Also, make some friends who have herpes. Take care.

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