Questions about recent industrial piercing?

1) I got it a little over a week ago and its still swollen, sore, and a little red. I'm thinking about getting a tragus on the same ear but would it be too soon? 2) Can I go in the pool or take a bath with it? How can I soak it without worrying about germs in a cloth or something? 3) How long does it take for the soreness to go away? 4) I know it takes like a year to heal...but how long does it take for the soreness to go away? My hair is constantly tugging on it and its so annoying. Plus any other tips you could offer regarding an industrial? My Piercer wasnt very informing at all and he gave me an aftercare sheet that turns out to be for ORAL piercings.......... -___- I've beekn cleaning it twice a day with antibacterial soap and a Q-tip plus some stuff I got for my lobe peircings

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  1. Jigsaw. Says:

    1. I would sayit is alittle too soon toget another piercing on the same ear, i would personally let the sorness go down and let it heal to some degree. I’d give it a few months at least

    2. Bath is fine, pool i wouldn’t recomend just yet as the chlorine in the water could affect such a new piercing. Again , i would leave it a few months

    3. The soreness goes usually within about 6 months, you should be able to sleep on it and such. It only is sore if you bang it with some force.

    Don’t use a antibacterial soap, i’d personally use a saline solution and/or a rock salt solution (1/4 cup of warm water , 1-2 tsp of rock salt). Clean it twice daily at least. Dont bother using the stuff for lobes, it’s most likely not a strong enough solution anyway , as obviously cartillage is much harder to heal than lobe piercings.

    I’d also say obviously don’t change the jewerly till it’s FULLY healed, so yes that’s appro 6 months – 1 year, sometimes it can take even longer.

    Iv’e had mine over a year and it’s still not 100% healed.

    Just be caerful at the moment with brushing your hair, washing your hair and if you wear glasses, to ensure you move the top of the ear before putting them on. Also recomend not sleeping on it for alittle while.

  2. Jess'Ka Says:

    1. I don’t think it would matter too much but they may take longer to heal

    2.I wouldn’t suggest going to the pool as you’ve only had it for a week. If its really necessary that you go swimming then just make sure you clean it straight after. Having a bath is fine because it’s basically exactly the same as having a shower, It will not effect your piercing at all. Soak it with cotton pads not a cloth because cotton pads are a lot more soft than a cloth which would probably get caught or something. & if you use a cloth you’d have to keep using it every time you soaked the piercing but cotton pads you can have a new one each time.

    3.It varies from person to person. But I’d say a few months

    4. If you hair keeps catching it maybe wear you hair up so then you’re not irritating it

    I’ve never cleaned my piercings in a antibacterial soap so i don’t know what that’s like. I’ve always been told to clean it with warm water and a bit of sea salt (:

  3. Anisya Says:

    1. if I were you I’d wait a couple of month before getting your tragus done. in my experience, adding a piercing makes all the other ones freak out. better to be done with the worst of your healing with your industrial before adding another piercing in the area.

    2. no dirty water (pools, baths, lakes, hot tubs, etc) for the first two months at least. use a clean cup and hold it over your piercing. there is no need to twist or move around the jewelry except for to gently remove crusties while you’re cleaning.

    3. the answer to this depends on if you sleep on that side and how your body heals. my orbital (rook to forward helix) was pretty sore for about a month. it has its days now where it will either be really sore or ok. if its really bothering you, take some ibuprofen.

    4. I’m addressing this because you brought up your hair. try to pin the hair close to the piercing away from it so it will stop bothering it.

    BEST method from cleaning a piercing is to do sea salk soaks. I don’t know what kind of solution you’re using, but if its something that you can get from a place like claire’s or another place that does piercings with a gun, its not going to really do much to clean your piercing.

    you can purchase sea salt at any grocery store in the spice aisle make sure it is non iodized. to make you solution, mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per 8 oz of water. soak for around 10 minutes twice a day. you CAN rinse the salt water off, but you don’t have to, it won’t affect your piercing.

    never use peroxide, alcohol or triple antibiotics to clean you piercing, they are too harsh. they dry out the skin and irritate the piercing, which will result in slower healing.

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