How to clean new lip piercing?

I got snake bites done about a day ago, and I am just wondering how i should clean them. I've been just using warm water, rinsing and wiping a little bit on the out side with a Q tip. I went and bought Magic Sea Salt Spray for body & oral piercings at walmart witch contains Purified water,Sea Salt, lysozyme, and Sodium Citrate. I would've went and bought H2Ocean Sea Salt aftercare spray but it was like 15 bucks at hot topic. I don't know if i should use the magic sea salt spray or not because i don't know if its for lip piercings or not.

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  1. marmaladeskies Says:

    Everyone has different methods of cleaning. The way I have always used and have been told is.
    Outside of the piercing clean it with antibacterial soap and water no more than twice a day. The easiest time to do this is in the shower, make your piercings the last thing you clean. This way the warm water loosens any crusties you might have. Then either with a Q-tip or your clean fingers gently clean around the jewelry. Trying to move your jewelry as little as possible. Then rinse very well. Non alcoholic mouthwash should be used 3-4 times a day mostly after eating, smoking or anything that will dirty your mouth.

    The other common method is the sea salt soaks. I do not prefer these as the primary cleaning method. I suggest doing them a few times a week to promote healing.

    Remember to never use or anything that contains: Alcohol, peroxide, bactine or ointments. These are for cuts and scrapes not piercings.

  2. Emily Says:

    Mix ? teaspoon of sea salt into 1 coffee mug of boiling water and leave to cool until bearable, ensure you keep to this measurement as the salt can have a very drying effect if the mixture is too concentrated! It is also important to use sea salt and not table, epsom or rock salt as these salts have chemicals added to them to stop them clumping which will irritate your piercing.

    Make sure your hands are clean and then take the cup and completely immerse your piercing in the water for 5-10mins – or until the water feels cool on your skin. Sometimes filling a shot or wine glass with the mixture and bringing it to your piercing is easier than leaning over the cup itself.

    Next take a cotton bud and soak it in the solution. Clean thoroughly around the front and back of the piercing, removing any “crusties.” (which are caused by a light yellow / white discharge called lymph and are perfectly normal!). Finish by rinsing with a non-alcoholic mouthwash or sea salt mixture.

    When you have finished be sure to rinse with clean warm water and dry the piercing thoroughly on a clean piece of kitchen roll or paper towel as moist piercings produce the perfect breeding ground for bacteria! You should try to avoid cotton wool or cheap toilet roll as these leave fibres behind in the wound and bath and hand towels are unsuitable also as they harbour a lot of bacteria, dirt and dead skin.

    Now is a good time to ensure the balls on your jewellery are on nice and tight while the piercing is crust-free and your hands are clean!

    It is best to clean your piercing twice a day for the first month. After this simply soak whenever the piercing feels sore or has crusties. Don’t clean more than twice a day as over cleaning won’t help your piercing heal any faster – in fact it’s likely to do the opposite!

    You will also need to rinse your mouth after eating and smoking with diluted mouthwash (50/50 with water) or a sea salt rinse. After this time simply soak whenever the piercing feels sore or has crusties and use the mouthwash in the morning and evening. Don’t soak more than twice a day as over cleaning won’t help your piercing heal any faster – in fact it’s likely to do the opposite!

    It is important not to use any kind of alcohol or peroxide agents on the piercing (including hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol) as these harm the fistula and weaken the tissue around the piercing making it more likely to reject. Also avoid antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic agents (like TCP, Bactine, Dial, Savlon and piercing cleaning solutions containing Benzalkonium Chloride) as they remove all the natural bacteria your body needs to heal with, repeatedly making your body restart the healing process. As well as this it is strongly advised not to use any kind of cream on the piercing as creams are petroleum based and cannot be absorbed by the body – meaning that it will form a seal and linger inside the piercing, trapping dirt and giving bacteria ideal conditions in which to breed!

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