Should I get an anti eyebrow piercing?

I think it would look okay on me but im sort of wondering about the surface piercing rejection. What will happen if I get it pierced and it rejects? But what is the point of getting it done if it will reject? Can you just repierce it after?

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  1. emma Says:

    ewwwwwwww NO!

  2. Arron C Says:


  3. Cookie Says:

    Why stop at piercing….if you want to be really unique/different just have your eyebrows surgically removed….not many others will choose to compete in this way….certainly you will get more noticed….and in later life when you miss them you can paint them on in any shape/colour you want.

  4. alexcoree Says:

    If you like it, go for it.
    Just be sure you’re ready for the commitment it takes to take good care of it,
    and the high chance of rejection or infection,
    and the scars it would leave.

    Well, I suggest you take it out right away f it starts to reject;
    that way, the scarring would be minimal, and itwould prbbly only leave two dots where the entry holes were, at the most.
    If you waited for it to reject all the way, it would leave a huge long swollen scar that looks like a burn accident.
    Not to mention it would fester and puss in the process of rejection and just look overall nasty.

    As scary as that sounds, I think they’re beautiful and you should definitely go for it.
    You’ll be fine aslong as you take proper care of it.

    Just make sure you think over this clearly and how much it could affect your life.

  5. kiddo= Says:

    i think it sounds like a fun thing to do, i just got my tongue pierced. as long as u keep it clean the only thing u should have to worry about is it getting infected. if it gets rejected it would probably be because u are allergic to the ring.

    good luck

  6. citygurl Says:

    it will reject like most surface piercings do, but after a lonq period of time. take it out when it starts to really migrate maybe after a year or two and you can repierce it just as long as the skin is healed. if it rejects youll be left with a scar.

  7. Steffani Says:

    I got mine a few weeks ago
    and it already rejected
    i took it out as soon as i found out
    so it just looks like chicken pox scars.
    But i cleaned it exactly how they said.

    It was so not worth it.

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