meanings of piercings please ?

we were having a class discussion today about piercings . a friend of mine has a lip piercing and our teacher wont tell us what it means . i wanna know the different meanings for different piercings ; for example ; some people get their tongue pierced for oral sex . anyone please ?

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  1. RenegadeAngel Says:

    There is no specific “meaning” for a piercing.

    Also, “some” people get a tongue piercing for oral sex, but most of them don’t. Stereotypes are really lame.

  2. lily s Says:

    A lip piercing was originally a native custom:

    I assume your teacher was thinking that that was what your friend was thinking, for oral sex as well.;_ylt=AhyKbGCjp0B5cFG0_h5oKX_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100225165707AACCrld

  3. Sorella di Satana Says:

    It means she has a lip piercing.

    Tongue piercings were for oral sex.
    Genital piercings are also for sex.
    Some piercings are culturally significant…

  4. Eiren D Says:

    A lot of people do get them for sexual reasons, but also a lot of people just like the appearance of them. It really just depends on the person who has the piercing’s reason.

    Also their are people who get it because it is a fad, or are trying to rebel.
    Here is a wikipedia site that might help.

  5. .Piercing Princess. Says:

    Everyone has their own reasons for getting piercings.
    Some get them for something sexual.
    Some get then because it’s part of their religon/culture.
    Some get them to rebel or break rules.
    Some want to make a statement.
    Some want to fit in and think they’ll look cool with a piercing.
    Some get them cause they just like how they look. simple as that. (me lol)

  6. Lava Says:

    There is no inherent meaning of any piercing. Some people do get oral piercings for oral sex. But many of them, myself included, want a tongue piercing for other reasons. There’s people that have gotten nipple and genital piercings just for the appearance, the stimulation it may provide might not have been a factor for them. While some piercings are often seen as conveying a certain impression, not everyone with that piercing wants to give that impression. Navels are often seen as someone for young and flamboyant girls, but there’s more than one guy and one old, modest woman with pierced navels that would disagree. There are many piercings with historical and cultural significance, and many people with those piercings that have no idea of what it means to those cultures. Not everyone with a tongue piercing likes oral sex, just like not everyone with snakebites is a slave to trendiness.

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