Scorpio boyfriend acting a little unusual lately?

My boyfriend is a Scorpio sun, Virgo moon, and Libra rising (he has the Scorpio piercing eyes). Typically, he can be a little jealous and seems to know everything. After 5 years and 7 months (8 months in 3 days), I know him well, but he's been acting strange. He seems to be more jealous and helpful lately. He's been more hands on with helping me with my depression and showering me with praise so my self-esteem gets a boost. Still, he seems to be more and more jealous. When we are with his friends, he insists on holding my hand and opening the door for me, even if his friend's closer to my door. His friends say they're jealous and he's lucky because he's with me. I have a feeling it has something to do with his Capricorn friend of his; the one who seems the most jealous and the most nicest to me out of all his friends. 1. He's interested in astrology and 2. We both are against cheating after we've both been hurt by it from our parents. I actually like that he's like this. Sometimes it can be a little scary. I have asked him why he's been like this and he says, he loves me and is so worried about losing me. I told him that he has nothing to worry about, that I'm fine and I love him very much. He knows I'm planning our wedding and plan on adoption in the future.

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  1. pxpdoo Says:

    Maybe he’s cranky because you’re throwing all this horoscope stuff at him. It would irritate the socks off me.
    Either that or he’s cheated and feels bad, or he suspects you of it.
    Did you?

  2. LY! Says:

    Hes very protective of you. Youre going through a hard time and he’s trying his best to make you happy.

  3. Uber Yay Says:

    Well he’s just being protective. Jealous means your afraid of loosing something you have, so he doesn’t want to loose you ;) If his friends say that he’s lucky to have you, he’s probably just treating you right because he cares for you a lot.

  4. rioteer28 Says:

    maybe he’s just realizing how important you are to him and letting you in a bit more. it sounds like he’s just moving to the next level. scorpios tend to be private creatures. if a scorpio treats you with a lot of affection and is public about it he really loves you.

  5. elham m Says:

    Scorpio men are some how stubborn, so if you could not bear with some of their action, show your self coooooooooooooooooooool;
    the More you show your sensitivity in this regard, the more he will do that;
    be cool about this action and just smile inside on their actions;
    they will give up their habits , specially annoying habits, if they See that your are nor sensible about;

    I Love scorpio;
    they are great

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