How much would my peircings cost?

Okay. So I wanted to get a few peircings against my boyfriend's say (Lol. He thinks I look beautiful regardless, or so he says) and maybe even my Mother's, but just in case she says yes I wanted to know how much I would need in advance. The piercings I want: Rook Triple Helix Ear Nose Tongue Web Triple Navel Hip (Surface Bar) Did you see anything in the description that said I wanted them all at the same time? NO?! I didn't think so!! Just answer my question or don't comment if you're not sure! Don't add your thoughts about irrelevant topics because Idc about them!

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  1. Brittany Says:

    You know you’re not going to be able to get all of these at once, right?

    Every place differs so it really varies on where you go. You should ask a reputable piercer in your area what they charge. I would estimate about $400-450 for all of that at the place I go to with prices I pay being cheaper than most people since I’ve been going there a long time. But there really is just no telling.

    Wow…there is really no need to be rude to me. I am completely sure of my answer, all places vary in price.

  2. Julia Says:

    It really actually does depend on the place, the place near me cost about $40-50 depending on which piercing you decide to get. But I would say, call up the place you plan on getting it and actually get the real price on the piercing.

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