can you wear a spiral barbell in your tongue piercing?

i saw a picture of someone wearing a spiral barbell in their tongue piercing and i really liked it is there a spiral tongue ring? if so do you know where i can buy it? and heres a picture of what i think the bar would look like:

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  1. Molly Says:

    It depends where your tongue piercing is placed and the thickness of your tongue.

    This is the “Tongue Rings & Barbells” section of 25 Cent Body Jewelry.
    You have to order the jewelry in bulk (usually in packs of 12 or 24 or a similar number). The jewelry is cheap, but the shipping is pricey ($12.00 probably).

    Painful Pleasures sells individual jewelry. Your tongue is probably pierced at either a 14g or a 12g, so order one of those sizes. Shipping is cheap.

    These are the twisters jewelry:

    Here are straight barbells:

    Body Art Forums have a few. Their prices are fair.

    If you can’t order online, visit Hot Topic, Spencer’s, or, as a last resort, Claire’s. Body jewelry is also sometimes sold in certain malls from those little carts. Make sure you get the correct gauge size, though (14 or 12). And get surgical steel, gold, or titanium jewelry (you can’t use silver for oral piercings even if you aren’t allergic).

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