Should I get my genitals pierced?

I just thought about getting my genitals pierced, some ladies back in Murmansk Russia got it done, but I want an opinion

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  1. Bananas Says:

    i would not could you handle the pain it you like pain then be my guest

  2. Genette xoxo Says:


    thats just weird.

  3. rainkisses-xxx Says:

    No, it’s your personal choice though.

  4. happypinkseashells Says:


  5. Ashley Says:

    If you want to take the risks, you might not be able to get an orgasm ever again, or have kids. Plus if the needles unsanitized and is used by another genital piercings especially, but even other piercings, then you could have the risk of STDs.

  6. natatata Says:

    ummmmm……thats kinda nasty but go ahead if you want…

  7. Yolonda T Says:

    Its a personal choice, but since you are asking….NO.

  8. sara p. Says:


  9. Carrie Y Says:

    wat’s the use??? the whole point of getting pierced body is so ppl can see them and admire them [like ears or nose or mouth or w/e]… if ur piercing ur genitals, no one can see it, so wat’s the point?? plus, it would be uncomfortable if ur wearing TIGHT jeans or something… and nasty… but go ahead if u want it… it’s ur genital…

  10. purpo haze Says:

    read somewhere that females with a pierced clitoris experience a greater orgasm or sumthin like that…forgot where though.

  11. Dana the Great Says:

    No, I would not suggest getting it done.

    For one, the pain, I can imagine, would be incredible! And secondly, there is a greater chance of infection, and you most definitely DO NOT want that.

  12. Strong with Courage ? Says:

    NO NO NO NO!

  13. pink luver Says:

    ummmm no!!! but you can if you want i wont though!

  14. tb Says:

    I don’t understand exactly why you want it pierced, no one will see it. It’s up to you. Some genital piercing are supposed to heal past and not be too painful.

  15. Thanh N Says:

    NNNOOOO!!!!! That’s just plain nasty, please do not do it!

  16. Easties are the Beasties!! Says:

    go for it
    i have mine done
    orgasm is great
    no problems with pregancy just had to take it out and get it repierced.
    pain is low
    healing is fast

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