How bad does the industrial piercing hurt on the ear?

I'm thinking about getting the industrial ear piercing I was wondering if anyone new if it hurt bad and how do they pierce it?

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  1. letsgo4piza Says:

    I just got mine done in February. Truthfully it hurts a little. But the pain is only for a minute or two, and after the first hole you dont even worry about the second. Its going to b sore for a day or two, but if you clean it with Bactine, then it’ll heal up in no time. I wish you luck! :)

  2. sweetie ? Says:

    honestly, i have 12 piercings (belly, tragus, nose, 3 lobes left ear, 2 right ear, two cartilages and an industrial which is two piercings).. out of all of those, i’m going to be straight up honest & tell you the industrial was definitely the most painful. but the piercer also told me i have thick cartilage, and he couldn’t just slide the needle in.. he sorta had to push it in really hard and it made a popping noise. but like any other piercing, there’s going to be some extent of pain but the pain will only be temporary. the piercing will be forever.

    oh n i got it done yday

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