Sternum surface piercing?

Okay, so I got my sternum pierced about a week ago. It's small, 16g and kinda looks like a brow ring. I fell in love with it right away, but I'm scared it's getting or will get rejected since these piercings are very common to do so. It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just been kinda red and it really itches. My piercer told me to use bactine, but I heard sea salt with water and Dial antibacterial soap works good. I would go to my piercer but the shop's really far and I have no way of seeing him. This isn't my only piercing and I really don't want to have to take it out :( Any tips or advice would be GREAT! He didn't use a straight bar it was a slighty curved one. He pierced a friend of mine a couple of months ago and hers is doing fine.

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  1. A Silent Reminder Says:

    Uhhh It’s going to reject if your piercer used a curved barbell – he should have used a surface barbell. Sea salt soaks are the best things you could do for any piercing.

  2. S* Says:

    Ok, what kind of jewellery is it done with? if it is a straght bar or slightly curved bar then your chances of it rejecting are almost 90%. That kind of piercing should be done with a surface bar, and even then rejection is high because of the tension on the skin…I would say do your best to try and not pull on it or put pressure on it at all. Use medical tape to hold it in place as you would a microdermal, and try to see a piercer asap. I know that you say you can’t get there, but is there one closer? If not, (I know how that is) I would say yes, use the salt soaks, and do your best to L.I.T.F.A. I hope you get to keep this one!

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