What type of facial piercing?

My boyfriend says I should get my nose pierced but, I don't really know if it will look good. He says it would look really good on me but, that's his opinion, right? To others I might not look good with it. Not a hoop, just a stud on one side he said. So,could you tell me if there is a chance it could look ok and if not maybe a different piercing maybe you could suggest please and thank you! http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y218/G4ckt/?action=view&current=formybaby.jpg Sorry for the lighting in it. If you think no piercings would be better than go ahead and say it, I'm ok for any suggestion...I'm just iffy about getting it done, ya know? Thanks in advance! It's not asking about cleavage, if that was the point, my head wouldn't even have been in the photo? It's just and aerial photo. It's not about cleavage, if it was for that I wouldn't be asking about a piercing, nor be using this normal site for it. I uploaded another for the ones trying to say it was for the cleavage..it was the only pic i had uploaded at the time... http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y218/G4ckt/metasha133.jpg

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  1. Apple Jacks Says:

    i wish i would have never clicked on that link

  2. OHLA Says:


  3. Bianca D Says:

    i think you would look good with a little stud

  4. ??.•*???.•*?)Velvet?.•*??) ?.•*? Says:

    I’d go for the nose piercing, a small diamond stud would look nice.

  5. xemza Says:

    Don’t do it just because he wants you to.
    If YOU want it, get it and don’t give a toss what anyone else thinks.
    I got mine done just because I could cus I love piercings and I have the tiniest stud in it and I love it.
    I think it’d suit you. :]

  6. SOLEjunkayy. Says:

    i think a nose stud would suit you very well. =] go ahead and do it.

  7. Allison L Says:

    don’t get it done girl, if you wanted it done you wouldn’t be asking us if you should, don’t let him pressure you into to it, I have my nose pierced and when I take it out you can still see the scar, yes it’s tiny but permanent.

  8. mel the great Says:

    nose rings are cool, and i reacon you would look good with one.. watch out for keloids if you have a nose ring done.. its like a bump that develops near the peircing, like a scarry pimple, trying to push the peircing out.. it doesnt hurt, but u gotta take the peircing out because it looks crap.. and of course u gotta keep it clean initially because infection will ruin the peircing and you will have to take the peircing out..

    go to a peircing specialist.. some tatooists are good, but some can be pretty bad..

    also, go for a largish nose ring, because ur nostril may swell initially.. and dont change the the nosering on the first time on your own!! my nose pericing sealed up in seconds and i lost my peircing that way..

    the thing about nose rings anyway.. if you dont like it.. you can take it off!

  9. lzuzluzz. Says:

    not a goodphoto. get a nose stud
    that photo was asking about cleavage mroe than piercings

  10. BGDesign Says:

    I agree with xemza, but mostly because she said “don’t give a toss.” that’s awesome…anyways, yeah, don’t listen to your boyfriend. but if you want to know if you would look good with it, yes, just a small stud, like a tiny one, not a diamond and most definitely not a loop. just a tiny little stud.

  11. These wounds are self inflicted Says:

    I dunno I think with your nose type it may not look right. You have a cute nose though. I think you would look pretty good with a monroe ;)

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