How can I convince my mom for me to get a double ear piercing?

How can I convince my mom for me to get a double ear piercing, not a cartilage, just double ear lobe piercings. I had my ears pierced once, then they closed, and she let me pierce them again on the same spot so now i only have 2 piercings total. I really want a double piercing and I can't go in by myself because I'm younger than 18. What are some good points I can make to her?

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  1. Sam Says:

    i had the same problem ok,

    ask her alot
    tell her it will improve your self esteem
    it will make you more mature
    if your mom has here doubles done, then tell her if its good enough for her its good enough for me

    anyways i wanted them done i get them at claires, they did it uneven!
    its not that cool tho
    they hurt alot now
    and i dont like them :P

  2. [teamJacob] RIP_Heath Ledger Says:

    OMG same thing with me. Its like deja vu!!!!

    Ok mine closed up and I got them done again too! same as you.

    Well I got my seconds this summer. I kept begging my mom. I offered to pay for the whole thing, and I showed her that I was responsible. FINALLY on my birthday she let me get them. Unfortunately you might have 2 wait for your next birthday, then she might give in. Hopefully its soon. But I mean, convince her that its nothing. Its not gonna change you, you aren’t gonna turn into a rebel, you’ll just have jewelry in your ears.

    good luck=]]]]

    [this should be easy to convince her. But for me, I want to get a cartilage, I doubt she'll let me:(]

  3. poisongirlofhim36 Says:

    um…i dont know. but i have a bff=best friend forever(in this case) and she has 2 ear piercings not carlilige, but she is 13now, but she got them when she was 12. i have 2also i am 13, and i want to get a cartilige piercing soooo bad. but yeah…im only 13 so i dont think she will let me. :(

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