Should I Get Facial Piercing? (Pic)?

me: I'm thinking about either getting a monroe or a tiny, cute nose stud like this: Which one should I get? (Or if I should get facial piercings in the first place???)

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  1. stormiRIOT! Says:

    If any, get a nose stud. The monroe would look very awkward.

  2. nick Says:

    A tiny nose stud would look cool.

  3. chelsixbelsi Says:

    i say either go with a nose stud or get your lip pierced not a monroe.
    i dont think they look great on everybody.
    i think you would look good with either your nose pierced or bottom lip.

  4. ??®?? Says:


  5. linda Says:

    I think the stud would look best on you.

  6. Ashley T Says:

    Nose! You don’t have the right feature for the Monroe piercing.

  7. Kathryn S Says:

    If you had to get one, you should get a nose one. A lot of people in my grade have been getting them. There’s been like six this week, so I guess they’re pretty popular now.

  8. ilovetoskilol Says:

    no way you totally look pretty the way you are and thats how god made you and you should be proud of it im not saying doont do anything to your face but you look pretty without a peircing

  9. Michy Says:

    don’t get either. They would just leave a scar (hole) when you change your mind.

  10. Little Miss Sunshine Says:

    monroe monroe monroe ! :)

  11. mandaaaa<3 Says:

    if you REALLY want one,
    just get a tiny nose one. :)

  12. blond.chickxo Says:

    get your nose, and use a tiny stud. a tiny monroe might look good.

  13. Lollie Says:

    No, it wouldn’t suit you sorry

  14. ashlynn18 Says:

    Dont do it, you will regret it later on.

  15. m k Says:

    You have the most perfect skin. A piercing would ruin that.

    And any piercing besides your ears just does not fit your character. In no way, shape, or form. It would look very awkward on you. Or should I say you would look very awkward with it. You’ve got plenty going on for you; piercings are for people that have flaws in the proportions of their facial features and you my dear have no such problem.

  16. Andrew Says:

    Damn I can’t believe you are calling Asian girls chinky and ugly when you yourself are Asian?!!! Just becuase you are ugly doesn’t mean all Asian girls are ugly.

    What a freaking maniac? You need to get a life.

    I can see why you are angry at the pretty Asian girls. It’s because you are UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn I feel bad for self hating losers like you. GO TO HELL.

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