Sternum/cleavage surface piercing???!!!! ppl who have it or had it done plz!?

kk, so i wanna get this peircing..for no particular reason.. i know its gonna reject and all that, but i still want it.. i already have my navel, tongue, conch, tragus, lobes, 2 im pretty good with pain..will it hurt more than the piercings i already have? and how long before it starts rejecting? any other tips or advice would be helpfull! if u dont know what a sternum piercing is, u shouldn't be even reading this question.. no negative comments, i have a very low tolerance for bullshit:) thank you:p

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  1. Dezz Says:

    it rejects pretty fast, i think a friend of mine only had it for 2-3 months. from what i can imagine and the piercings i already have, my guess is it’ll really hurt lol!

  2. Flames4life Says:

    thats way to many piercings.

  3. MadisonLuna Says:

    Aw, it won’t necessarily reject! Not everyone has it happen :]. One of my friends has had hers for nearly 3 years!

    Of the piercings you currently have, I would say it feels most similar to getting your navel done. It depends on how much skin you want to get pierced. For me, the more skin the needle goes through, the more painful it is. But for you, it could be very different! If you’re skinny it’s kinda difficult to get the darn clamp around the skin, mine didn’t go through a lot of skin and I ended up ripping it out taking my top off once. Fun fun.

    Umumum that’s all I can think of to tell you! The more care you take of the piercing, you can lower the chances of having it reject but it could happen either way.

  4. asher3620 Says:

    I haven’t had a sternum piercing and am not likely to get one since that area gets compressed while I sleep. I have however had several other surface piercings.

    I would imagine getting your sternum done would be a long, deep pinch with the whole “needle passing through sensation” Thats how most of my surface piercings have gone. It shouldn’t be incredibly painful, and on the incredibly low chance that it is, it’ll be over in seconds.

    No one can tell you how long any particular surface piercing will last on you until you try. All you can really do is find an expert piercer, choose a placement that is reasonable for you, and take the best care of it you can.

    Reasonable placement is one of the big factors in how long a piercing is going to last. Obviously you shouldn’t have your finger pierced if you wear latex gloves all day. You shouldn’t get your nape pierced if you’re a contortionist. You shouldn’t get your forehead done if you’re going to sleep on it every night and rub it on your pillow. You get the picture. The less you aggravate a piercing, the more likely it is to stay put.

    No one can promise a timeline of months or years of success or failure. Surface piercings are also able to up and decide that they are no longer happy after years of being in place, so you’re never done taking care of them.

    If you really like the look of the piercing, try it. As long as you remove it before any rejection gets too bad, your scarring should be minimal. If you take out the piercing when it just starts to come out, instead of letting it go until you just can’t stand it, you’ll end up with a good experience of having a piercing you enjoyed.

  5. Curvylicious Says:

    I had my cleavage pierced last thursday (28th feb) so far so good..I’m hoping it doesnt reject but my piercer said you can never tell,just to keep it clean and if I notice any soreness,swelling,bumps come in and they will take a look.I’m so hoping it doesnt reject it looks amazing I love it..GO FOR IT! x

  6. EmotionxSickness Says:

    I dont have a sternum but I have a nape. Surface piercings look horrible when they are infected. So if you get it make sure you take care of it. research on they are cool piercings, and if done right they may heal. but even if you only plan on having it temporarily, make sure you do the sea salt soaks and cleaning it properly, an infected surface piercing on your chest doesnt look so hott.

  7. cowgirl_from_hell_07 Says:

    i have mine pierced and it has been pierced since may so ive had it done for 9 months or so and its still hasnt came out which im pretty happy about..they usually last for 5 months or so on most people..i think its just how you look after it once its been pierced that sort of determines how long it takes to reject
    i have the same piercings as you and more but i wouldnt say it hurt more than the didnt hurt me that much because there isnt that much skin there plus i quite like the pain of piercings =p

    just make sure you do wash your hands before touching it or before cleaning it..just clean it with whatever your piercer gives you.(usually antibacterial cleansing lotion-sort of a light blue liquid)
    Hope this helps..

    oh heres a link to the site where i got mine has a picture of my piercing(mine is the first picture with the black and a lil white tshirt)

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