Do tongue piercings enhance sexual satisfaction?

I have a girlfriend, and I was wondering if piercing my tongue would make oral sex better for her, or perhaps kissing better for me. I was also wondering where on the tongue would be the best for this. I want to get it far enough back to avoid tooth chipping but also far enough forward for it to feel good for my girlfriend.

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  1. box.monkey Says:

    I have just an ordinary barbell in my tounge and for kissing it was a good enhancement but that was 6 years ago. its just become a part of my tounge through the years. i tend to forget it is even there. but for sexually it would have to be further down to really feel it. i have had oral sex with a woman who had one just like mine and never did feel it unless she used the entire tounge with the licking the ice cream motion.

  2. Chelsie T Says:

    If you learn to use it right yes it will. The piercer usually just puts it in the right place, don’t worry about that. Kissing will sort of stay of the same but you can play with it for fun.

  3. catcharainbow Says:

    Well from a recievers point of view. Its Great. My girlfriend has her tongue pierced and it is in about the center of the tongue. It makes oral sex very enjoyable and kissing is great..I like when she likes my mouth with it lol…feels nice..You can always get it and if you and her dont like it take it out, right…

  4. xian Says:

    it depends on the people. If a man is uncircumsised, it feels much better (so i’m told) than if a man is circumsised (i’ve given sexual favours to both types of men).

    as for placement, leave that to your piercer. generally, with a tongue piercing, the further back towards the tonsils you go, the more painful it is to have done. There are also a lot of miniscule veins that supply blood to the tongue, and if there isn’t any awareness of them, they may be pierced, which is *not* good.

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