How is infant ear piercing an ok form of child mutilation?

Seriously, you wouldn't go and pierce your kids' nipples, or navel, or anything, but earlobe piercing is ok? How is one form of body mutilation ok, but others aren't, when they're basically the same thing. Circumcision ok, but girls' genital mutilation not ok. Ear piercing ok, but any other piercings, or even tattoos, not ok? How can we justify this when it is just another form of body mutilation, and therefor basically child abuse to do and should be the child's choice. How to people make sense of this? Yes, my husband had our son circumcised, he felt his being uncircumcised caused certain problems he has, and felt our son with down's should be protected from them, I didn't agree, but he did it. And I'd love to get my daughter's ears pierced, but I'm going to wait till she's old enough choose. How can anyone justify doing this stuff to a child without their choice. They're too young to choose, and there's no way to know yet whether it does leave permanent emotional scarring or not. Am I the only one who doesn't get any of this? How can one form be ok, when you'd scream child abuse if someone did another form? I'm confused. Wow, I have 8 piercings, it does hurt more than a baby can handle, and does get infected easily. And I really have no idea how you can sit there, your baby giving a look of mommy why are you doing this to me, it hurts, and do it anyway. My son's been poked with needles a lot, and that's the look we get. If you consider it not child abuse to be doing it, than you're friggin idiots. I'm scarred from what people did to me before I can remember, how can babies not be.

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  1. DCR Says:

    I’m not even going to begin to debate with you on this, it’s an ear piercing not a tattoo, it’s not permanent and it’s not something that will KILL or threaten a childs welfare. It’s not mutilation at all.

  2. Melyssa Says:

    I can absolutely guarantee that having my daughters ears pierced at 5 mos did not leave any permanent emotional scarring.
    And as for why I did it, we ( my husband and I) agreed on it and decided against her will to mutilate her to our own amusement.

  3. Prayers were Answered! :) Says:

    I really don’t think it is child abuse, but i must say babies with earrings are really creepy looking, (no offense)

  4. Sex_Isnt_<3 Says:

    ear cartilage doesn’t cause much pain to be pierced-and in the future your kid doesn’t have to freak out about it.

    You obviously weren’t abused as a child if you think an ear -piercing is bad.

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m seeing “RANT” here…

  6. Doodlestuff Says:

    I don’t consider ear piecing to be body mutilation. However, I don’t condone infant ear piercing as babies do not need accessorizing. They are not a fashion statement. I thought it was even cute until I saw a baby missing an earlobe on one ear (caused by an infection from earrings). That’s not so cute. Pediatricians treat a LOT of kids for infections from pierced ears.

    I do have to comment. Female circumcision CANNOT BE COMPARED to male circumcision. The goal of female circumcision is to deliberately CAUSE pain for a lifetime and prevent any pleasure from sex so that she doesn’t cheat on her spouse. That is VERY different from the goals of male circumcision which may be religious, medical or frivolous, depending on your viewpoint. Female circumcision is equivalent to penile amputation without pain killers.

  7. Dalton's Mommy & Kaiah due 2 Says:

    It depends on the age, under 1 year old is the best time. OR wait until they are old enough to choose for themselves. I remember my step-daughters momm did it when she was 3 and she was ticked at her mom for 2 weeks, she was also mad she didn’t get her the earrings she wanted –she wanted hoops like mine. I explained to her you can’t pierce with them and said we would get her a pair and when the 8 weeks was up, she could wear them. —I got asked every weekend until it was time. I am having a daughter and will do it when she is a couple months old. Then, she won’t play with them and will ignore them until she needs them changed.

  8. Teeny Beeny Says:

    “Seriously, you wouldn’t go and pierce your kids’ nipples, or navel, or anything, but earlobe piercing is ok?”

    Yeah, I wouldn’t pierce my nipple or navel either. But I do love have my ears pierced. You are totally delusional if you think piercing an infant’s nipples is equivalent to piercing their ears.

    Please come up with something meaningful and relevant to repost your rant. Thanks!

  9. enough fun Says:

    Life is run by the norms in society. As parents , we have the right to make decisions for kids that are too young to choose. You would not wait for your child to be old enough before cutting their hair, or choosing their clothes. By not piercing her ears, you are already making a choice for her right now. You don’t have to, but does that mean she won’t wear earrings until she’s old enough? I am going to pierce my daughter’s ears because I know it hurts more later.Use your discretion to make the best choice for your child. We cannot be be perfect parents but we can do our best and stop beating ourselves.

  10. Connor Says:

    Ear piercing isn’t mutilation. It doesn’tdisturb in any way how the ear functions or works.

    I do see your point. It’s okay to peirce a babies ears but if you want to get their penis peirced OMG all hell breaks loose. But we are allowed to circumcise? But OMG if someone tattooed a baby omg it’s horrible. A tattoo is less perminant than a circumcision.

    If your husband won’t get circumcised himself, then why would he force it on his son? I don’t get that. (same goes for women who want their sons done).

    I’m with you it’s barbaric and horrible. No one should force things like that on their child.


  11. Ian Brett Cooper Says:

    I’m fine with any elective surgery if the person can give informed consent. Ear piercing, unlike circumcision, is not deforming or disabling, but still, it has potential for infection and that’s a lot of pain for a kid to go through just for ‘looks’.

    And you let your husband circumcise your kid to prevent problems that the kid probably wouldn’t have? Sorry, but you and your husband are fricking crazy! Kids get all sorts of problems – some even die – from circumcisions. Honestly, some folks don’t have the sense they were born with!

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