Could my ear be infected, or could a nerve have been hit?

I had my ears pierced for the 5th time maybe, 3 weeks ago. They're pierced right before where most people would get their cartillage pierced (maybe they're in the cartillage, I don't know). The one in my right ear is fine, like I've had it for months (just a little discharge), the one in my left ear... Can't be touched or moved or even gently brushed against, otherwise the entire top portion of my earlobe feels like it's in extreme pain. It's not red, it's not filled with puss, maybe it's a little bit puffy, but it (and the lobe above it) feels warm. If it doesn't have the signs of infection, is it not infected? And if it's not infected, then what's wrong with it? All the help you can give would be nice please, I'm ready to take it out because I can't take it anymore T_T (But I don't want uneven ears so... yeah) The right one, I have not ACTUALLY had it for months, It's healed so well it's LIKE I've had it for months. I've actually had both for 3 weeks.

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  1. sassy girl Says:

    try putting an antibiotic ointment or cream on it. If it hurts to touch and feel feverish then you may have a little infection. Some antibiotic ointment (neosporin) would work. Some parts of the body just cant take it. I have pierced ears and every time i wear earings my lobes get swollen and feverish. but i found that if i put antibiotic on the posts it helps alot. good luck

  2. dino Says:

    I see two probs, the one in your right should not have discharge and the one in your left sounds infected. You prob need to take them out and see a doc

  3. Sue F Says:

    You should not be having discharge from an ear piercing that you have had for months.

    The fact that your left ear feels warm is a good indication that your body is attempting to fight off an infection.

    You need to see a doctor as soon as possible to have both piercings checked out.

    You should also be talking to the people who own the place that did your piercings, they may be using dirty instruments, and others will be having problems similar to yours.

    Hope you get the help you need soon, before the infection gets worse.

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