MATURE: Sex and piercings?

Hi! I know this question might seem awkward and silly, but I wanted to ask other people what they thought. I'm writing a sex scene (I know, perverted, but it happens in my story) and was wondering if someone could describe, or tell me their experience with kissing someone with a tongue piercing. Have you ever had someone with a tongue piercing give you oral (0///0)? Can you feel it? How noticeable is it? If you have nipple piercings, are you more sensitive? And I know it's more "rare" but to guys that have, um, you know, their penis pierced, does it make a difference during sex? Can your partner feel them? I know this question is awkward, LOL, but I haven't been with someone who has a lot of piercings so I don't really know. ^_^ Any info would be great, sorry for the weird questions, ;) -Alika613 If you know of a better place to post this question, let me know!

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  1. Amanda Says:

    my tongue is peirced…my husband has no complaints…he loves it. it doesnt get in the way of kissing and as far as “down there” he loves it…

  2. country_girl Says:

    Nipple piercings actually decrease the sensitivity most of the time.

    I have kissed a guy with a tongue ring, and it was cool. You could feel it, but it didn’t get in the way.

  3. ? Says:

    love my wife’s tongue ring when she is “on her knees”
    nipple rings are great fun for a tongue to play with
    her clit hood is pierced and it has done wonders to help increase sensations down there for her… and again, good entertainment for my tongue

  4. wakeuffel Says:

    as for the tongue piercing it feels good because the barbell is usually cooler then the penis. It is also fun to play with when kissing.

    I also have had my nipples pierced and it does make them more sensitive as the reason I am going to get them redone. Your partner can feel the ring in a prince albert but I know for sure but the other ones not so sure on. My partner did say it makes a difference. If anyother questions feel free to contact me by messenger or email through my avatar.

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