how to get my mom to let me get a facial piercing.?

she thinks they look trashy. but i am VERY good at perswading them. <-- i dont know how to spell that. anyway im 14. and i wrote a paper thing but havent given it to her or read it to her. here it is. and i have three cartilage at the top of my right ear. and my lobes are double pierced. I want a piercing to express myself. I want a Monroe, a lip or a nose piercing. I have done a lot of research. The nose is cartilage so it will hurt around as much as the top of my ear. (Not that bad.) My lip and Monroe shouldn’t hurt that much at all. And the healing process is very fast, the mouth is one of the fastest healing things on the body. I will agree to sign a contract. Also I will agree to save and pay for my own piercing. (Whichever I get.) you can also decide where the piercing is. Lip, nose, or Monroe. And I know there will be times where you don’t want me to have it in. but there is something called bio flex. It is a clear type thing you use to keep the hole open but it’s still not noticeable. I will save and by a package beforehand so I can’t say I don’t have them. The thing is is that we have a big generation gap. You just don’t understand. You guys are very strict. And “old school” but please understand. And if you don’t like it I will take it out right away. I can show you again what it looks like again. And when I go to a party or my classes I will put in a clear one and then they wont even know. Please please please. I have wanted this forever. And ill do anything literally. Please Im begging you. ha, by parties i meant my friends birthday parties. kay thanks! ahahah

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  1. chaz Says:

    Many people in your situation just do it and suffer the consequences from the parental units later. I mean what’s the worst that could happen?

  2. BunnyKitteh Says:

    It was all good until you started begging ? :P

  3. Itsme Says:

    LOL nose piercing hurts more than cartilage and makes ur eyes watery but its so worth it..

    um just tell ur mum that u will get a clear piercing but then on the day be like ohh the jewel one looks cute then be like’ pleeeaaase (puppy eyes) i love ur hair today :L’ begging sometimes dont work but try haa
    good luck (:

  4. C o n f u c i a n Says:

    14 years old and going to parties. You need to focus on school, not on parties and boys. You are out of control. At the rate you are going you’ll have 6 tattoos by the time you are 19 years old and 12 piercings. The answer is NO. N-O!!! If you study hard and get near a 4.0 gpa for the next couple years we can have this discussion again when you are 16. But the answer will probably be no again.



  5. jOhAn Says:

    ummm just for the record, you can’t hide any of those piercings, even when you do use a retainer. Retainers do a good job of hiding piercings only when the retainer can be kept out of sight, like in the case of a septum or tongue piercing. I’ve tried covering up piercings before, and I can tell you right now that it’s not possible for the most part. Also, just be aware that you can’t take out a piercing whenever you want, if it were to get infected you would have to keep it in until the infection healed. Oh, and FYI I got my carlidge pierced two times in the same sitting and that still didn’t hurt as bad as my labret piercing, when you get your lips or tongue pierced (i’ve gotten both) you get a lot of swelling which makes it hard and painful to talk and eat. I’m not saying don’t get it done, but you definitely wanna think twice if that’s what you really think

  6. --Pierced--With--Venom-- Says:

    I say just sit down and talk with them. My parents used to be so against any piercings besides normal ear piercings and as many as I wanted. Now I have my septum, nostril, labret, 0g lobes, belly button, more ear piercings, and soon to be tongue. If you talk with them, more than likely they will think it over and let you have one. Oh, just to let you know, you can not wear plastic in it until it is fully healed, anywhere from 3-12 weeks. So make sure if your school doesn’t allow piercings you get it on a break.

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