Female genital piercings and pubic hair?

I'm piercing my Vaginal "hood" soon I'm a trained piercer how ever have no work experience other than studying with piercers who with assistance let me pierce a few willing customers ( Never genital though) Pretty confidant with what I'm doing, I have all sterile equipment but there's one thing I'm curious about What do I do about my pubic hair? I'm rather hairy and get shaving rash easily, what do I do about the hair while in the healing process, and how do I sanitize the hood with out the burn of skin sanitizer. ( if you have ever accidentally got hand sanitizer on your genitals you will understand why I'm concerned)

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  1. Heather Says:

    You should probably be getting that done by someone who’s dealt with it before. I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing that by themselves, even if they had done it before.

  2. MissFletcher Says:

    I suggest perhaps waxing? And if that affects you you try to trim the hair with scissors, it sounds gross, but its not and it safe as long as you do it carefully.

    I have sensitive skin and i use a special type of hand sanitizer, you perhaps try it and see if that works, it does the same thing as skin sanitizer but with out the dangerous chemicals (the link is in the sources area).

    And talk to someone before you pierce it yourself, perhaps some you trained with. Its very sensitive down there and one wrong move and you could seriously hurt yourself.

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