tongue rings, good or bad?

I'm almost 15 years old and ive been wanting to get my tongue pierced for about a year. i think its totally cool and i love piercings.( i have 9 on my ears, 2 i did at home without my parents knowing ) i read a lot about tongue rings and some said its fine as long as you take good care of it, which i already do with my ears (if i ever get an infection, which rarely happens its usually gone my the next day) i also read about brain damage, cracked teeth, extreme swelling, diseases, needing to cut a part of your tongue off, just plain stupid and other crazy stuff. but i read that the closer to the tip the better, which is what i would get. also my parents are totally against it. they think I'm so stupid and they would never let me do it. they keep saying its very risky. if it was then sooo many people wouldn't have it. my mom did say she would read about it though. my dad is very conservative so it will take a lot to get him to even think about it. how often could those crazy infections and diseases happen. I'm very responsible with my earrings and i would b insanely cautious with my tongue pierced. anyone who has a tongue ring,or anyone who knows a lot about them please respond. thanks so much

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  1. SOOO CUTE Says:

    I’ve had mine for about 10 years now and I like it.
    I didn’t have any problems with mine.
    My cousin did, though. He had to take his out after
    a week. Everyone is different though.
    If you get one just take very good care of it and
    do everything that you are supposed to do.

  2. linkin4113 Says:

    Let your mom research it. I haven’t heard many horror stories and they heal very quickly. Make sure you go to a professional for this one, because if it is pierced wrong you could bleed to death. It can be very risky but as long as you go to the professional he/she can give you specific directions on how to care for it and can make sure they pick the best spot to pierce. You only need one parent’s consent, but usually you have to be 16 to get it done (at least by a reputable piercer) as it is considered child abuse and illegal. I got mine done at home as a birthday present when I was 15 but my dad was friends with a professional so he came to me; he wouldn’t do it in the shop. Just wait it out, be patient, do some research and show your mom that you can be responsible. Good luck!

    *As for it not healing well, that’s not true. Your mouth is the fastest healing part of your body. Have you ever bitten your tongue and made it bleed? How long did it take to heal? That says how fast that your mouth heals. Compared to the healing times of other piercings, a tongue piercing heals fast.

  3. angel Says:

    Bad-infection in the mouth-cracked teeth-all the things you mentioned are true-I work in healthcare & have seen it all-your mouth is full of bacteria-and the dark moist area in your mouth- does not heal well-so it is not like earrings or other piercings.

  4. Alexandra Says:

    I had mine pierced for about 5 years and I would never do it again. I never had an infection, but even tho I took it out about a year ago I still have a lump in my tongue(not big, but I can feel it) and under there is an area where the skin tried to attach onto the bar and now its about 2 milimeters of loose skin. I wish I wouldnt have done it.

    However, if you do decide to do it, make sure all your bars and balls are plastic!! The metal ones can chip your teeth VERY easily, the plastic can too, but not as likely. Im a RDA and I see so many ppl in the office who have chipped teeth from their piercings. Also, thats another opening that you can transmit/recieve STD’s from… especially during oral sex. (Your too young to be doing that now… but if you ever decide to LATER in the future! =D )

    Think about it, and decide if its really worth all the risk and remember anything can happen, even swallowing the bar or balls!! But ultimately its your decision!

  5. Pennie H Says:

    I have had mine since i was 18(4 years) and had no problems beside swelling. if you take care of it, it shouldn’t be a problem but there are always risks of infection or even hitting a vein/artery while getting pierced. cracked teeth can happen( especially if you bite down on it accidentally)

    why the heck would you get it close to the tip?? you bite down on it and RIIIIP there it goes!

    PLEASE for heaven’s sake DO NOT do it yourself or have a friend do it…that is just screaming DANGER! DANGER! if your parents wont sign a release for you to get it done then wait till you are 18. My mom hates my piercings and all of my tattoos and told me her displeasure to what i was doing with my body but she cant do anything about it and hasnt disowned me( like i thought she would LOL)

    tongue rings are a looooong way away from ear rings darlin’, lot of work to take care of. pretty much after you eat or drink anything other than water you will have to swish your mouth out with saline soloution and/or an alcohol free mouthwash( i mixed the 2 together and swished with that, didnt taste very good tho)

    and since when were piercings (beside belly rings b/x they can be hidden) been allowed in school?? i graduated 2004 and they werent allowed then

  6. Aspen Dreamer Says:

    Getting your tongue pierced will take a lot of cleaning after you eat or drink…
    Food particles can get stuck under or in between the skin of your tongue and gum..
    It is also a fine line to infection and gum disease and pain…
    You think it is cool now but later in life you will wish you didn’t do it…
    Food particles can cause bad breath as well as infections if you don’t get them all out from around the piercing…
    I would double think on this if I were you…
    It will require lots of work on your part to keep your mouth clean…

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