have you ever had an experience like this with a professional piercer?

my sister turned 15 a few days ago and she wanted to get her lip pierced and my parents said it was ok. We went to cloud 9 in st. cloud wich is supposed to be a very good place. When we got their the guy told my parents about the problems with oral piercings and how they have so many more problems than any other piercing, which is fine because thats his job. Anyways my mom said no and her and my sister argued for a while and my mom finaly said it was ok if she really wanted it. The guy came back and asked what they had decided. They said lip. He started up again! "Well I dont realy think you should theirs sooo many problems and blah blah blah" so my mom said no again and thay argued some more. This time the guy stayed around and kept adding his own little negatives in there to give my sister a harder chance of getting her way... well she ended up getting her eyebrow pierced because this guy did his best to prevent her from getting her lip pierced! what was up with that! me and another friend were sitting listening and I said to her "jeeze im gonna tell my friends not to come here" and the piercer guy says "I dont really give a sh*t what you say i was young and dumb once too and your not a professional, I am so my opinion is more important... he was a real ahole and then my sisters friend was like oh you should get snake bites (if you dont know thats what they call it when you have a piercing on both sides of your lower lip) and the guy goes "ya i have a snake in the back if you want it to bite you name the place on your body, otherwise we like to call them lip piercings. i know my sister might have been a little young to get a piercing but that was her decision not his and its his job to tell her the precautions once not over and over untill you change your mind and then its his job to give the customer what they want.

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  1. *[Hanna]* Says:

    wow that is really dumb… i would have been like dude whats your problem it my body and my face soo whats your deal yeah its okay to tell u the procedure and procautions but he shouldnt be talking u out of anything that you want its not his decesion

  2. runnin_4_u Says:

    ur sister is 15,she has her whole life ahead of her. Just think if she tries to get a perfessonal job with the lip ring they may not consider her. ITs just like tatts, some places likem and some dont. He may have been looking out for her,or he could have just not wantd to do it. hard to say.but look at if from a persfessional point.

  3. ChunkyMonkey Says:

    I think that guy was very rude….but maybe since he’s a professional he knows about lip piercings.

  4. aout Says:

    Wow. Nope, never heard of anyone like that. I would have gone somewhere else or asked for a different piercer.

  5. Brandy T Says:

    I don’t know…I think I would probably go to someone like that who would have the common sense to talk a 15 year old out of a ridiculous piercing! (and truly, I’m surprised that they’ll do a 15 y.o. there, even with parently consent, I don’t think they can in Ohio)

  6. Norm W--- rocks :-) Says:

    I know that this is not the answer you want to hear but here it is. first of all the piercing artist has much more experience in this area than you your sister or your friends. If he is trying to discourage you and your parent is not keen on the idea this should be a really big clue, and if you can’t figure this out on your own perhaps you may be to young or imature to be making this decission by your self.
    Also its your parents that will paying your medical bills and taking you to the emergency room to resolve one bitching infection in your lip aside from the cost of the plastic surgery needed to correct the ugly deformity on your lip.
    GROW UP !!! and start making better decissions.
    Good luck.. Norm :-)

  7. elanor Says:

    I would have left. It would have been different if he had just stated the pros and cons, but he inputed his opinion. And more than once. My piercer just asked what I wanted and did it for me.

  8. Trizzle Says:

    I am a professional piercer, and to me how this guy handled the situation was completely ridiculous. Yes, it is part of our job to let customers know that there are some risks, but to dwell on them to the point where the customer is not happy is not right. It sounds to me like he just doesnt like doing lip piercings so he was trying anything he could to get out of it.

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