why do some people get their genitals pierced?

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  1. Sarah Says:

    i think they think it will enhance their sex lives or somthing

  2. gardeniagirl07 Says:

    Perhaps it makes them feel more individual rather than part of a group. I honestly do not know why anyone would want to
    go this, but people do it every day. It’s not my thing, but I guess other people seem to like it. I would be interested in hearing people’s reasons for doing this type of thing, too. *Ouch!* I starred your question because I found it to be interesting, btw.

  3. Initar Says:

    haha well i think it is really hot if girls pierce their belly buttons but other than that its weird

  4. mikk Says:

    They don’t know what they are really used for.

  5. Angel Says:

    to make them pretty. I’m getting a Christina because I think it’s cute. I might get a couple labial piercing but thats so I LOOK “hard core” even though I have a pink bow tattooed on my pubic area

  6. rua_88 Says:

    cuz they want to… they like it .. they think it will enhance there sex (which some pierceings do)

  7. Nudie Says:

    Simple…THEY WANT IT! Don’t judge them for it :)

  8. Olivia! Says:

    Personally I’m getting one just because I like the way it looks.
    Another reason to get a genital piercing is that certain onces can provide extra stimulation.

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