Can you use iodized sea salt to clean an ear piercing?

My mom went out and bought Iodized sea salt to clean my ear piercing, but I've heard that you shouldn't use it. I heard it might burn a little but I don't mind that. I've also heard that it has chemicals. Is it alright to clean it with the iodized sea salt? I also used alcohol to clean it yesterday, but my mom told me not to. What about uniodized salt? I found some kosher salt and it says that it does not contain iodide.

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  1. JaackkieeDrew. Says:

    Nooooo, don’t use iodized sea salt; it has iodine in it and will irritate your piercing.
    Alcohol is also a really bad idea, it’ll wash away all germs even the ones that are helping to heal your piercing.
    Go out and buy natural sea salt.

  2. Emma Says:

    Oh no way! Do not use it. It is actually bad for the piercing, and you can get infected. Please please please don’t use it. Alcohol is better than iodized sea salt. Natural sea salt is good for you. And uniodized sea salt, it has to be natural that’s all i’m sayin.

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