Is this worst form of MUSLIM SHARIA law, already in the USA???

A Naples, Florida woman has been found INNOCENT of child abuse by a jury after she pierced her daughter's private parts to keep her away from sexual activity. Plus she shaved her head completely bald to keep boys away. The USA and many others have critized repeatedly the most extreme forms of SHARIA law by the TALIBAN and many AFRICAN countries. Women all over the world are fighting against these inhumane practices, and here it is taking place right in our own backyard, right in FLORIDA. PLEASE, we must write to as many government officials as we can about this. It is something horrendous. It is in the very least extreme child abuse. And knowing how many strange, and sometimes horrific stories have taken place in Florida, still this is part of the US, and this cannot be allowed to happen. Florida children's agency didn't know at one time the fate of 600+ children in their care a few years back. It used to have the worse system ever. Hopefully it has changed w/ new governor.

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  1. Mike W Says:

    Do you have a link or reference?

  2. raichasays Says:

    Don’t know why you are dragging the Muslims into this. Abusing your child is already against the law. But this jury found that the mother did not have the malicious intent to permanently disfigure her child. That’s one jury’s decision, not an Islamic infiltration of the American legal system.

  3. LeAnne Says:

    I was not aware of this story – hopefully, it is a very isolated incident.
    My biggest concern, obviously, is that this took place at all – but almost as big is my concern as to why this woman was found innocent.
    Remember, it was Florida a while back that somehow considered it OK to have ones picture taken for a driver’s license with the face covered with a scarf. Go figure.

  4. Barry C Says:

    Link please?

    As described, apples and oranges – the issue you are thinking about involves removing the clitoris and maybe more. But you said the girl was pieced in a religious ritual. Thats a big difference.

    I am not convinced, given your writing style and lack of sense to include a link – not everyone is in Florida- that you didn’t misstate the facts that would otherwise help your case. Maybe it was a clitorectomy, but there is no way for us to know, is there?

  5. Ahcho A Says:

    I’ve heard of this kind of thing many times over. Once when I was in college a Muslim father beat his daughter to death for their Muslim laws and that was 30 years ago.

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